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Chapter Five of Summer in Orcus is Live!

You can read it now!

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Ooh, I forgot it was Tuesday! What a lovely surprise. That was wonderful and thank you so very much.

It continues to be awesome, and just like chapter 3, the last line is perfect.

I confess, I wrote a long way just to get to that line.

Okay, so the sisters are obviously based on the Donkeyskin/Allfur fairy tale (and yeah, I'd say their fathers going mad is an understatement, given that), but I'm curious if they're each based on a specific version of the story you've read, or if they're all just from that same mould?

Bearskin and Donkeyskin are--Donkeyskin's the classic, obviously, and Bearskin is a version where the heroine actually turns into a bear and lives in the woods to escape (and I can't remember the title now, alas.)

Boarskin was my own, because I like boars enormously and if I were ever to do a version of that story, she would probably be a boar.

If anyone wants a version of that story--and all the trigger warnings ever apply, but it's magnificently done with the material--Deerskin by Robin McKinley is so well done that I haven't felt like I need to tackle this fairy-tale myself. Which is, perhaps, for the best, because if done well, it is wrenching.

That was just beautiful. Being that I live in the desert, it was very easy to picture.

Wow. Last line was one of those "drop the mic" moments.

I appreciate Summer's sense of fairy-tale logic.

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