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Chapter Six of Summer in Orcus is live!

read it now!

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(Not really but... cool!)

"It is difficult to walk across an enchanted desert and then be thrust into someone else’s sense of humor" made me snort my tea, thank you for that start to my morning.

I liked that one, too!

I chuckled at that. I also laughed hard at the weasel:
“So maybe I’m ambitious,” said the weasel. “Nothing wrong with ambition, is there? ‘Shoot for the moon,’ everybody says, ‘if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.’” He spat, a motion almost too tiny for Summer’s eyes to follow. “Feh! I suppose, ‘if you miss, you’ll be captured by a great bloody hag out of legend and stuffed into a coat pocket for a week’ was too much of a mouthful.”

I am VERY much enjoying the snarky weasel, a talking animal sidekick would have been part of my heart's desire at that age too.

I live in the southwest; while the desert here is somewhat different than the ones found in Orcus or Jackalope Wives or The Tomato Thief, it's still obvious how much love you have for this kind of land. I love reading your stories slowly, savoring each paragraph for its rich beauty, and my mental image of the critters you describe is always affected by your drawing style, which is making Orcus an absolute delight to read.


Do my eyes deceive me, or do I spy a few digs at Piers Anthony?

Not that there's anything wrong with that....

No, no, as someone who used to be a fan of his till I grew up and realised what the hell I was reading...
Those are DEFINITELY digs at Piers Anthony. :D

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