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Chapter Seven

is live!

(Sorry for delayed post--it went up this morning, but I was at the tax guy meeting my doom.)

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That makes 3 LJ posts in a row on my dash that deal (in one way or another) with cheese.

As I said on Twitter: **clockwork bees** Squeeeee!

Oh, nice nice grace cheese...

I'm curious now what the Luck cheese would have been like

Thus far a most excellent portal fantasy. An excellent cheese choice, also.

I am really pleased that, as a Patreon supporter, I have had a small share in bringing this to the world. Also, cheese. Mmm.

(I kind of want to translate this into Norwegian now, just because the word for whey - løype - is so similar to the word for running - løpe or a skiing path - løype or skiløype. Lovely.)

Yay! Awesome chapter!

I hope the Wheymaster gets away clean.

Blame it on the manticore cheese...

Awesomesauce... or should that be Awesomecheesemelt? I suppose it depends on whether Awesome is sweet or savoury ... or the perfect mix of both, in which case it might go just as well with chocolate sauce, or melted cheese.

And the sauce upon the awesomesauce is that eight is up too, now!

Summer thought that probably she was supposed to say luck—everybody talked about luck, luck would probably be very useful.

But luck can be bad as well as good, but grace, now. I've never heard of a bad grace... I am loving this so much.

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