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Journal 10-24-16

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Why was the author arrested while signing?

Hope you have a fast recovery and may you have a great time with your brother.


Seconded on wanting to know more of the story of the arrested author, please!

There's so much Texas it's almost a country in it's own right... apparently a number of Texans feel the same way.

Seconding on wanting to know more about the arrested author.

Thirded, 😆

Story Time!

If they land on and devour your wheat and rye and millet...

is it a Cereal Murder?

... Oh, such rye humor!


That is an ADORABLY smug Tiny Tortie!

SO adorable! Torties are the adorable-est.

Different Definitions of "Tiny Tortie"

The tiny tortie in our house has a shell and eats vegetables. But both yours and ours are adorable. :D

That is the tortiest Tiny Tortie I've ever seen; she is in an adorably elevated state of Tortieism!

Welcome back. I know what you mean about the division made by a really eventful trip..... I'm currently jobhunting (I got laid off after 14 years working at one place, which is doing very poorly now) and figured that since I had some time I should take care of a few bucket-list items and did some traveling. Everything pre-trip, though it was only weeks ago, seems like it happened last year; all that getting-ready phase feels like someone else did it. Granted, I saw some amazing places and things (this was a Visit-Native-American-Ruins and Hike-Out-To-Petroglyphs trip, including tromping through Antelope Canyon and two nearby canyons as well) but it's like what I did obscures everything that happened just before it.

Thank you for the picture of Tiny Tortie.

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