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Summer in Orcus Nine thru Eleven

“We wolves are prone to such maladies. A cousin of mine is a were-library, and another turns into a very large skylark on solstices.”

Having been on book tour, I haven't been able to update the announcements, but the chapters have still gone up! You can find all three new ones at the Summer in Orcus main page!

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I am loving this serial SO much that I can't ever properly express it.

OMG Reginald! I am in love!
And a were-library!

This is splendid!

Heee! I wonder what sorts of books appear in a were-library. And if you leave new books in there, does the wolf remember them during the day?

I loved this line: For one horrible moment, Summer felt as if she had gone down to the secret chamber of her heart and found her mother writing on its walls. Forget wolves, THAT'S scary! :-)

I had to stop reading and put my tablet down for minute after reading that sentence. Such a fantastic line.

And Glorious is glorious. :D

You know, I am already fond of Reginald, and Glorious deserves the name. But if her turquoise-marked way contined at the bottom of the ravine, where she never even looked, Imma screech.

The way I read it, there was no way down to the bottom of the ravine in any case, except for falling and going squish. And going squish would almost certainly have got her no further along in the quest.

This is such a delightful tale - I adore a were-house! (Though as a REALTOR® I feel a little distressed at the idea of house hunters trapping were-houses with silver chains through their tongues). And the Regency cant Reginald is spouting is delicious.

Just you wait till Chapter 12, today!

The large skylark is due to conservation of mass?

Reading Summer in Orcus feels like being immersed in the swimming pool on a really hot day. It's refreshing and glorious and for a moment you can forget that you're almost forty years old and pretend that you're a mermaid. When it's time to get out you sigh and pout and gaze longingly back at the pool before getting dressed and going home. In other words, I'm really enjoying this story!

Completely unrelated, but our book fair got Harriet the Invincible this year and I got ridiculously excited.

I love the Wodehouse hoopoe, and I almost wish I knew a were-library wolf...

Loving this so much!

But what a place to go and leave us over the long Thursday-Tuesday break!

"I went down to the stream where the houses drink" is _WONDERFUL_.

I just read chapter 12 (which remains awesome and wonderful), and saw "all the Black Stallion books, even the ones toward the end that got very strange and had aliens in them." I assumed this was true, and wikipedia provided confirmation. Now I know what I missed by only reading the first 3 as a child - even my partner who read the first (she thinks) 8 as a child, didn't get to that bit of oddness. Huh.

This is a comment for Chapter 12

I read this line and just had to thank you for it:

It is a great relief, when one has thrown away normal life in search of their heart’s desire, to know that one is doing it right and isn’t going to get yelled at for going the wrong way.

I am currently in the process of doing just this thing, and this sentence brings me great reassurance!

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