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Journal 10-30-16

Ernie's in pretty good shape, just has some neurological issues as a result of...whatever happened. He turned up in a rural shelter with no information, had heartworm, pretty much as sad a case as you can imagine. Farm Friends Rescue, who are a wonderful local group, took him in, patched him up, and describe him as "velcro dog"--he just gloms onto a person and wants to be near them. He is not very bright, but his issues seem to be mostly balance-related--he tips sideways then rights himself. (He's listed once or twice while I've watched, but it doesn't seem to be severe at the moment.) We are told he is great with small children and would follow the foster's toddler around happily while she stuck post-it notes to him.

Everybody in the house gets along really, really well at the moment, so adding another animal is a tricky business--we are a very laid-back, low-energy household for the most part, which is surprising granted how many personalities are at work here--but Ernie so far seems to be very quiet and friendly. So here's hoping!

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Poor Ernie. He looks like such a sweetheart! So glad he has found a good home. Enjoy the new family member.

Ernie is adorable and I hope he finds a good home with you guys (or with someone else equally awesome if there's any, y'know, issues).

Fingers crossed that Ernie works out!
I'm also that breed of sucker. My dog was heart worm positive and playing in traffic when I found her, cat 1 was thrown out of a Walmart as a kitten (we don't know how he got Into The Walmart,) cat 2 came from the shelter, and cat 3 was a feral picked up by one of the families at school. I got volunteered to take him. ^.^
It's a life, I guess.

Aww he sounds and looks such a sweetie! Here's hoping he has found a forever home with you.

Ursula, you and Kevin are the kind of people who give me hope in this world.

My fiance is not allowed to look at dogs because he has a similar sucker tattoo. Admittedly, when we got his dog, I picked out the dogs we would meet for the most part, so some of that is me also being a bit of a sucker. I specified large (because my dog is 65lbs and a clumsy oaf, and because fiance and I are both big-dog people), dark or black in color, and adult, because I didn't want to deal with a puppy and I know black dogs are killed at higher rates. We ended up with a dog who had been pulled from her house by the SPCA because the inside of the house was overcrowded and unfit for a dog to live in (which takes some doing!). At the shelter, one of the volunteers decided to foster her because she was sad and scared and pitiful, and getting moreso by the day. The volunteer didn't think she'd make it out alive unless she was fostered. When we met her, she was this terribly tragic mix of desperately wanting affection and cringing-scared.

We hit 4 years with her earlier this month. Nowadays, she's a spoiled pup, and you'd only even guess at the old scared girl when she does something like have an accident in the house (which has always been due to either major human schedule screw-ups or illness, poor thing), and then she just wants to slink away and hide. It's a lot better than when we got her; she had a digestive blockage, so a few weeks after we brought her home, she just started puking all the time, and when it happened, she'd run to either her crate (if she could get to it without getting close to you) or the farthest corner of the room, and just cringe herself as deep into the corner as she could, head down, eyes squeezed closed. It was the saddest thing I've ever seen a dog do in person.

D: wtf horrible beasts had that poor dog before you did?!?! =((( What is WRONG with people?

Hell if I know, other than the fact that she was most scared by heavyset women. I was the last person in the household she warmed up to (at the time, it was me, boyfriend/now-fiancé, and a short, slim, genderqueer friend who had come to live with us because his former living situation had quite abruptly become hostile). She was terribly skinny and unsure about people...but also a huge fan of cuddling and belly rubs. She was mostly happier if you let her come to you. She quickly became a fan of curling up in front of where I sit on the couch, because I sit with my feet tucked up. The first time we met her, she begged belly rubs from my fiancé, which cemented his certainty that she was the right dog for us. She was such a confused muddle of dopey-lovey and bone-deep fear. She had also had at least 2 litters of puppies in 18 months according to the neighbors SPCA talked to.

I suppose the real 'sucker' part of that story on our parts is that we took her for surgery to deal with her GI blockage. I was in law school and my fiancé was a nontenure-track professor. It took circa 10% of his annual paycheck to deal with the whole thing. I'm not sure if I would have done it if it was purely my decision, but my fiancé had already bonded with her and part of why we had gotten her in the first place was to see if she might help with his depression and anxiety. Having her put down or returning her to the shelter so they would save her (if she survived long enough for them to get to her) was definitely not going with either of those issues. At least because it happened just before the end of that first month, we had a $750 shelter care credit, so it 'only' went $4k or so out of pocket for us. Our free pound pooch became real expensive overnight!

I just want to note that tiger_spot read the first paragraph of this aloud to me without introduction, and I said, "So Ursula and Kevin have a new dog, then?"

Yay for new dog (or for new good people from the dog's point of view); hope he does indeed work out well!

you do good....

and I got Hamster Princess nr 3, you rock!

Congratulations on the new friend. And thanks for the mental image of the listing doggie with post-its.

You guys are good people, and, well... Da Hubby and I have 'sucker' tattooed on our foreheads too, so at least we're in good company! All but one of our cats for the last eleventy-mumble years have come from the RSPCA, and the exception was a stray who hung around being fed and looked after until it became clear that the home we were trying to find for him was ours. :P

We also have "Sucker" on our foreheads......we have 7 dogs because we do not want 8. There's been some rumblings as of late, but we really can't do another dog at the moment.

I hope Ernie works out! He's a cutie.

Awww - I am quite fond of coonhounds, ever since adopting one based on an internet picture. After driving four hours to see the generic "hound" I discovered his picture was not exactly to scale. He turned out to be much more coonhound than foxhound. One of my friends thinks they aren't very bright because their skull is full of olfactory bulb instead of brain.

I hope Ernie settles in well. Sounds like he is in serious need of a loving home.

There is something apparently known only to the Wayward and Pathetically Cute that we here also call The Big Sucker Stamp
And apparently it's lit up like the Times Square Christmas Tree when an appropriate being comes in to your area
You have been hit with said stamp and are in good company!
Bless you for taking himself in and giving him the love he needs, can't wait to read more about him!

Awww, Ernie sounds like a sweetheart. I hope he fits in well with your household!

(Deleted comment)
You're definitely a sucker, but the best people are. We had a stray cat show up with a noose around it's neck who had the same type of neuro issues. He was the best and gentlest cat ever. I hope he works out for you as well as Mao did for us.

Ernie looks and sounds like a total sweetie. Hope it all works out.

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