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Summer in Orcus Thirteen

Grub dropped down to a crouch. Perhaps he meant it to be friendly, but Reginald took another two hops backward. “And you haven’t seen a human girl on this road? Smells of shapeshifters and crone magic?”

Read it here!

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I've been meaning to ask this for a bit, and this chapter seems as good as any: what species are the valet birds? I figure with you being you there's got to be a specific type you had in mind, even if it's not spelled out in story (or if it was I'm afraid I missed it).

And speaking of, I was wondering what sort of bee-eater Miss Merope of the Lankyshire Bee-Eaters was, since there seem to be quite a lot of bee-eater species out there. (Also, while looking up stuff about this I learned the story of the mythological Merope of the pleiades, so that was cool. Perhaps you should advertise your stories that way - "come for the fabulous storytelling, stay for the cool mythological tidbits.")

Heh! The valet birds don't map exactly to a species here, but I mostly picture them as slate-sided juncos.

Miss Merope is a Little Bee-Eater, a species I was fortunate enough to see in Botswana.

Oh goodness, I'm now picturing a whole flock of juncos (and being an Oregonian, I default to Oregon Juncos) in tiny bowler hats, and it is extremely adorable.

Yes!!! And cravats! Or possibly bow ties! Whatever well-dressed valet juncos wear.

Nuuuuuuuuu not the valet birbs!!!! *sobs*

Every time Reginald opens his mouth beak I squee!

Where's the darn LOVE button on LiveJournal!

Well the like one looks like a heart on my feed.

Halp! Whenever I try to go to any page of Orcus, including the main Orcus page, it redirects to RedWombatStudio.com instead of taking me to the link. All browsers from any source (LJ, the RedWombatStudio.com blog, cut-and-pasted into the URL bar of browsers.)

Same. I can't even go to the page from the "Blog" link on http://www.redwombatstudio.com ! Woopsie.

I'm having the same issue - this is on mobile, btw, using Chrome on Android 7.0.

We had a glitch this morning, but I fixed it somehow, I think! Try again?

Yes! That fixed it. Thank you so much!!
(I was the Anon this morning.)

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