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Annotated Fairy Tales - The Book!

Hey, guys! Arisia is doing a special hardcover version of my annotated fairy tales (well, the ones that we can obtain copyright on, which, fortunately, is most of them) AND the Toad Words anthology, together in one volume!

Pre-order yours today!

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*shriek* YAY!

emailing them to find out if they can send outside the U.S. right now!


Exhibits, Arisia <exhibits@arisia.org> Today at 15:35
On Tue, Nov 1, 2016 at 11:30 PM,
<mel_in_kanazawa@yahoo.com.au> wrote:
> Hi! I would really like to buy this book, but I live in Australia - is there
> / will there be an option to get it delivered internationally?

We're trying to figure out if it's possible to ship the book
internationally for reasonable rates. Depending upon the country it
looks like it may cost $15-$30 to ship the book.


So they're working on it! Fingers crossed they can make it happen. 8D

I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for finding out and sharing! Fingers crossed indeed.

Readers in the UK thank you.

Oh sweet, I was just about to ask :) I mean, about Canada, but presumably it's the same answer. Maybe my shipping will be a little cheaper :p


(I have Toad Words but will totally buy this to have on my shelf - I probably would even if it didn't have other/new stories. Yay! Most excite.)

Ordered! I have the ebooks.....but honestly? I prefer physical books. The smell, the feel of the pages......:happy sigh:

Awesome! :)
Which books will it contain, besides Toad Words?

It'll be the full Toad Words anthology, with the novella "Boar & Apples" and all the other stories, a new annotated fairy tale, and most of the annotations I've done over the years.

Well dang, I'm already going to a local con in January and that's about as much excitement as I can handle in a six month period. Huzzah for shipping??

Already done.
Sooooo excited that you're going to be at Arisia.

Me too.

I had to check, I THOUGHT I had ordered it, this is the second notice of it, Right?
Yep. Ordered last month.

Annotations! I adore annotations :D And yay, faerie tales and Toad Words, this makes me so happy. Congratulations!

OMG, OMG, OMG! That's so awesome. (I was the woman at the Plainville, MA reading who asked about the fairy tales!)

And this might be my first Arisia attendance now that I know you're Arisaa's Writer GOH!

Went there, pre-ordered that. Squee!

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