UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Limited Editions, Etc

I have a couple new limited editions on Etey but now I feel guilty saying anything because a lot of you just pre-ordered the one book and it's like I only advertise stuff here, so--err--don't feel obligated to buy any! But they're there if you want to look at them!

Ernie the dog cuddled on the couch with me today, fell asleep and began snoring. I feel this is excellent progress. He is puzzled by the cats. If they run away, he chases them, but then they slow down and he panics and bays at them because he didn't think past the chasing part and he nearly fell on the stairs earlier because Tiny Orange turned around and looked at him and he hadn't been emotionally prepared for that.

He will bay at Sergei if Hound helps, but is careful to stay in the back in case Sergei takes offense.

He is not the brightest noodle in the bowl.
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