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Limited Editions, Etc

I have a couple new limited editions on Etey but now I feel guilty saying anything because a lot of you just pre-ordered the one book and it's like I only advertise stuff here, so--err--don't feel obligated to buy any! But they're there if you want to look at them!

Ernie the dog cuddled on the couch with me today, fell asleep and began snoring. I feel this is excellent progress. He is puzzled by the cats. If they run away, he chases them, but then they slow down and he panics and bays at them because he didn't think past the chasing part and he nearly fell on the stairs earlier because Tiny Orange turned around and looked at him and he hadn't been emotionally prepared for that.

He will bay at Sergei if Hound helps, but is careful to stay in the back in case Sergei takes offense.

He is not the brightest noodle in the bowl.

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Limited Editions are nice, but also nice is the book you take to the beach, and is full of sand, and the ones that stay in the car and fall apart due to heat/cold but are there when you get stuck somewhere, and the ones you used a questionable napkin in as a bookmark because you read one chapter too many and are now late for whatever.


And Noodle-hounds.

Poor Ernie, his mental map of the world is probably done in crayon...
He's really not going to be prepared if the cats work up the nerve to turn around and bop him...

Its El-ahrairah!

I think I would need to be emotionally prepared for Tiny Orange to look at me too :)

Maybe this is just me, but I RSS this blog because I wanna hear all the news that's good from Ursula's corner of the world--sales, new stuff, hound news, horrifying bug stories etc. So keep doing what you're doing, no need to feel guilty!

Seconded! I still tell people about the Horrible Aquarium Worm that you posted about years ago, and occasionally try to persuade them that Lawn Crayfish Actually Are A Thing. Nobody believes me yet, but I try.

(Deleted comment)
I'm glad Ernie is doing ok. Being a junior member of Team Hound isn't the worst way to end up.

How does a dog emotionally prepare for a cat, anyway?

Mine has no ability to do so. None whatsoever.

Cats panic him. I have a theory about this - his first year of his life was spent in a prison puppy-raising program, so no exposure to cats there unless it was something like possibly seeing strays from a distance, and his second year was spent in a service dog training kennel that included (still includes? not sure) the presence of a large tabby barn cat with an attitude who is more than capable of taking care of herself and not tolerant of dog attention. So for the first two years of his life, the only cats he ever met were about ready to take his nose off if he did what comes naturally to him, which is sniff with great enthusiasm and intensity. He's hte dog that leaves big smeary nose-prints on everything because he must huff them deeply, and actually presses his nose against things he's smelling almost all the time, and makes that hunk-a-hunk-a-hunk noise that dogs make when they're pulling the air in really forcefully through their noses. I doubt he had to interact with the barn cat more than a couple times to develop his fear of them. He's a 'soft' dog, and fairly easily develops fears/aversions to things. He won't walk within 4' of a cat - he'll lay flat on the hot street in the middle of summer if I try to go past one too close, and sometimes his definition of 'too close' gets much bigger than that. I think the worst one I've done to him was trying to walk past a wall of cat cages at the SPCA where we got our second dog, Bailey. We got about halfway past them when he realized what we were passing and hugged the ground, shaking. Thankfully the linoleum was the smooth type and in good shape so I could just haul him along by his harness until we got past them, because he was not capable of standing up again. The shelter was kind and let us go out another door which was not normally used by the public but they didn't want to put my poor Foof through going by the cats again.

That 'hunk a hunk a hunk' onomatopoeia (sp?) reminded of the shrews' war cry in the Redwall novels: "log a log a log!" Which is now making me visualize a Redwall-style anthro hound baying that as a warcry...

*laugh* That's not my dog. Big fuzzy labradoodle, with the heavy blocky lab-style head, very fluffy, and about as non-aggressive as could possibly be (he actually gets confused by aggression - he's like the homeschooled kid who starts at a public school and doesn't understand why the other kids are picking on him or want to fight or whatever)

i am SO excited you will have some of these pendants in teh art show. Not that i don't own 2 now... but others at Arisia will LOVE them....

I'm very glad that Ernie is at your house - he has a chance at an excellent life. I won't say "normal" because normal is not what your household does, but excellent in all the right ways is so much better than normal anyway.

I don't know-- he sounds pretty bright to me; he's showing deference to his Feline Overlords when needed but displaying his youthful enthusiasm so that they can snark at him behind their paws. Go Ernie!

Just looked at your stuff on Etsy; wish I had checked out the pendants before this, the other stuff's gorgeous (I really like the black rabbit) but those pendants... they make me think of Ed from Digger. **sniffle** If you ever do one of a weasel or ferret, that sucker is MINE.

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