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Chapter Fifteen is live!

Also I'm a wreck, but if you need a distraction before the polls close...

Chapter Fifteen

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I read this one last night right before bed. While I was falling asleep I started wondering why Summer never mentions her last name, and in that half-dream way your brain gets when you're almost sleeping I decided it was because Zultan Houndbreaker will secretly turn out to be her father, and she didn't want anyone else to know her last name was Houndbreaker. It the way of dreams and fantasy novels it made so much sense! Summer has a unknown father, Zultan is supposedly from some other world, and his face was covered, so no one could see the resemblance... And oh! what if she's actually some sort of sleeper agent Zultan had raised in our world, being sent to ferret out pockets of rebellion now?

Which of course now that I'm awake makes no sense - Summer would most probably just have her mom's last name, and even if she did have her dad's name "Houndbreaker" is obviously a title Zultan's gotten since being in Orcus (for tearing down the Tower of Dogs, I'm guessing). But my mostly-asleep brain thought it was being quite clever with that one.

I need a lot more distraction than a single chapter. Maybe release a few extras? :-} :-{ :-{.

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