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New Chapters Up Early

I am tired, friends, and completely out of...everything. But let me give you what I have. I've posted three new chapters of Summer in Orcus, because we need comfort right now. It's not much, but it's a few thousand words you can spend among friends, and hopefully give your heart a brief respite.

Summer in Orcus

That was a princely gift. Unlooked for beauty in the middle of the darkness. Thank you so much.

thank you for small kindnesses, they help with courage.

Thank you. I, too, needed this, more than I had realized.

Thanks, just what I needed.

Thank you! I find this story to be an oasis of the heart... even before the election concluded.

-hugs- Sympathy and commiserations from the UK.

Kindnesses like this are very much the diamond ring in the tosheroon at the moment, and are much appreciated.

Oh thank you thank you thank you. This is amazing.

Adding to the litany of thanks.

My own heart about stopped--in a good way--at "ghost of a bird". (Oh, Ed ...)

It feels a little over-familiar on my part as I'm not much of a presence here, but still, hugs if you want 'em. You've certainly earned them, and certainly lots of us need them.

Thank you!

Oh thank you thank you thank you. This is amazing.

Thanks for the early present! Keep shining your light down there in NC. I think of you guys often.

Thank you. I went and reread "Boar & Apples" Tuesday night as comfort reading, so thank you for that story as well.

Chapter 17's “Saving a single wondrous thing is better than saving the world. For one thing, it’s more achievable. The world is never content to stay saved.”

Yes. Thank you.


I read this when I went to bed last night, and it helped so much. Thank you.

On a somewhat related note, I'd like to mention that Bryony and Roses has replaced McKinley's "Beauty" as my go-to comfort read, which I didn't think any book could do.