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So you know

Leonard Cohen is dead and everything is terrible beyond measure, but if you want my up to the minute ranting and raving and bad jokes and dog pics, Twitter's the best place to find me right now. I will still post here, obviously, that won't change, but I live on Twitter.

@ursulav if you're over there.

I can't believe Leonard Cohen's dead and I think listening to Hallelujah on repeat in the studio is a really bad idea but no, Everybody Knows is way worse, and I don't know what to do about anything and nothing is fixable but we are all in this together and you're not alone.

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I can't stop listening to You Want It Darker. I feel at the very least, that he was at some sort of peace when he went. Very glad I saw him in concert a few years before, he is one hell of a musician and preformer.

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