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Patron Saint Bluebell

Hey, listen. I know the world's on fire. But listen.

I'll tell you a thing.

On the day after the election, when everything was worst and all I could do was go numb or cry hysterically, do you know what gave me the most comfort?

It wasn't the words of Lincoln or Gandhi or Maya Angelou, it wasn't Psalms or poetry, it wasn't my grandmother, it wasn't contemplating the long arc of history. It wasn't even hugging the dog.

It was the Twitter account @ConanSalaryman.

This is a joke account. It's somebody who narrates as if Conan was working in an office. Tweets usually sound like "By Crom!" roared Conan. "You jackals cannot schedule a mere interview without gathering in a pack and cackling?!" or "Conan slammed his sword through his desk. Papers and blood rained through the office. Monday was slain."

I followed it awhile back and have found it funny. (I'm not a huge Robert Howard fan inherently, but whoever is writing these does the schtick well.) But if it had not posted once that day, no one would have noticed at all.

Instead, Conan the Salaryman posted something inspirational. And then replied to dozens of people replying to him, for hours, in character, telling them that by Crom! it was only defeat if we did not stand up again, that the greatest act of strength was to keep walking in the face of hopelessness, that the gods have given the smallest of us strength to enact change, that we must all keep going as long as Crom gave us breath, and tyrants frightened Conan not, but we must look to those unable to fend for themselves. ("Though by Crom! We must hammer ourselves into a support network, not an army!")

I have no idea who is behind that account. But it was the most bizarrely comforting thing I saw all day, in a day that had very little comfort in it. There was this weight of story behind it. It helped me. I think it helped a lot of people. If only a tiny bit--well, tiny bits help.

I have been thinking a lot lately about Bluebell from Watership Down.

There's absolutely no reason you should remember Bluebell, unless, to take an example completely and totally at random, you read it eleven thousand times until your copy fell apart because you were sort of a weird little proto-furry kid who loved talking animals more than breath and wrote fan fic and there weren't any other talking animal books and you now have large swaths memorized as a result. Ahem.

Bluebell is a minor character. He's Captain Holly's friend and jester. When the old warren is destroyed, Captain Holly and Bluebell are the last two standing and they stagger across the fields after the main characters. By the end, Holly is raving, hallucinating, and screaming "O zorn!" meaning "all is destroyed" and about to bring predators down on them. And Bluebell is telling stupid jokes.

And they make it the whole way because of Bluebell's jokes. "Jokes one end, hraka the other," he says. "I'd roll a joke along the ground and we'd both follow it." When Holly can't move, Bluebell tells him jokes that would make Dad jokes look brilliant and Holly is able to move again. When Hazel, the protagonist, tries to shush him, Holly says no, that "we wouldn't be here without his blue-tit's chatter."

I tell you, the last few days, thinking of this, I really start to identify with Bluebell.

I am not a fighter, not an organizer, certainly not a prophet. Throw something at me and I squawk and cover my head. I write very small stories with wombats and hamsters and a cast of single digits. I am not the sort of comforting soul who sits and listens and offers you tea. (What seems like a thousand years ago, when I had the Great Nervous Breakdown of '07, I remember saying something to the effect that I had realized that if I had myself as a friend, I would have been screwed, because I was useless at that kind of thing. And a buddy of mine from my college days, who was often depressed, wrote me to say that no, I wasn't that kind of person, but when we were together I always made her laugh hysterically and that was worth a lot too. I treasured that comment more than I am entirely comfortable admitting.)

But I can roll a joke along the ground until the end of the world if I have to. And increasingly, I think that's what I'm for in this life. Things are bad and people have died already and I am heartsick and tired and the news is a gibbering horror--but I actually do know why a raven is like a writing desk.

So. First Church of Bluebell. Patron Saint.

Keep holding the line.

This helped more than I am sure I can explain why. I've been in a bit of a fog the past few days, and this made me laugh. And then I started crying, but in the good way where you are still laughing. I think I should tell my friends some jokes. Thank you.

Also, Bluebell is a wonderful character.

I feel I have made a wonderful choice of friends here on LJ and FB as the vast majority are so heartbroken as to what happened on Tuesday and I feel we are all allied to find ways to comfort each other and to eventually rectify what happened.

Hurray for Saint Bluebell.


Your Bluebell is my Sardines (from Pratchett's Amazing Maurice and his educated Rodents). "Better laugh than scream, boss." Sardines said. "You gotta dance." He was so right.

(I've never actually read Watership Down after coming close to being traumatised after seeing the animated movie on probably too young an age. Maybe I should give it try, for Bluebell's sake, and the General can go eat carrots or something.)

What I have been thinking about a lot lately is that scene from Digger where the Shadowchild remarks that being good is hard and Digger replies 'Yeah, but if it was easy, everybody"d be doing it." I find it matters to me even more these days. Digger is also rapidly becoming my comfort reading and my kickstarter copy is kept in a place of honor on my bookshelf right next to a frog photobook, a geology coursebook and paleontology art book. It suits it, I like to think.

So I think I can safely say you're doing something right. :)

Edited at 2016-11-12 06:07 pm (UTC)

You are, in your own lovely, weird, odd way, a very loveable, kind and sensitive person. And your words bring great comfort.

I am now cackling at the thought of Conan the Destroyer trying to do a week's worth of filing... and ending up chewing it into papier mache and throwing it out the window.

Bless you, Ursula. You are a worthy priestess of the First Church of Bluebell.

May the talking rabbits be with you.

And hey, maybe you're onto something here - can't spell 'rabbit' without 'rabbi' so maybe Bluebell has just been leading you on a spiritual journey your whole life and you didn't realize it until this week?

I have been rereading Dragonbreath and Harriet and Castle Hangnail, because in these times of despair I need to remember there is comfort and joy out there. So thank you for those.

... but why IS a raven like a writing desk? You can't leave me hanging here!


And thank you, Ursula.

If there is one thing I have learnt in life, it's never, EVER underestimate the power of humour!

You can lighten the darkness, lift hearts and bring down tyrants with the right sense of humour.

All Hail Usula, prophetess of Bluebell!

Edited at 2016-11-12 07:48 pm (UTC)

I love Bluebell. And the way I try to help in a crisis is always to make jokes, because it's what I'm best at. Thank you for making me feel like that might actually help!

Art gives hope. Humor sustains us. In some of my darkest days I looked to Pratchett and was carried through.

Please keep hope and keep creating.

Aye aye, ma'am. We hold the line.

May all the Gods be with you and yours, and all of us who have remained human, and refuse the orc process. Crying with you all.