UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

A Plea

And now I have to write the bad one that scares me and I'm going to do it badly and that scares me too.

Frequent commenter tamnonlinear took her own life on Wednesday. Her family requests that in lieu of flowers, donations be sent to the clinic escort service she supported. I have checked and double-checked and her cats are being cared for by her friends and community. Her website recording variant ballads will remain online and her father is monitoring e-mails and appreciates messages of love and support.

Okay. That's the important bit said.

Now--sweet god, people, stay with us, please. She was a good, kind, thoughtful person and it was apparently because of health insurance and the ACA going away and I don't want to understand but I do but please, please, don't go, too. All my friends are losing their insurance, my Mom is losing hers, I'm terrified, no, I don't know how we'll manage, I know, okay, I know, I know it's nearly the end of the world for some of us, but please, just hold out for a little bit longer. It's not gone yet. They can't gut a program like that overnight. For once, the grinding wheels of slow bureaucratic foolishness will grind in our favor. We've got a little time still.

Please. This is me begging you. Don't leave us here without you. We're all scared, and all we've got is each other.

Comments are closed. I'm sorry--I wish I could leave them open so we could cry it out together, but there are already trolls on Twitter claiming these stories are fake or that it's for attention or something, and if I have to deal with that, I will go utterly ballistic.

Give if you can. Remember she was good and kind and supportive and fun and just...please stay.

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