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Yesterday I was afraid and made this. Today, fear into action. Tharn prints for sale, proceeds to benefit the ACLU.

(It's, uh, okay if you want to wait for a happier image. Scared bunnies are not everyone's cup of tea. Please consider donating to the ACLU anyway, thought, because we're gonna need them.)

ETA: You guys literally ran me out of prints in under an hour. $220 to the ACLU, on top of the $1000 for PP from the pendant commissions. I am so proud of you all, you know that?

If you didn't get in on this one, there will be others. We'll see if the pen and the paintbrush really are mightier than the sword...

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Inspired by your post yesterday, I wrote this and then sent it to my fan mailing list and linked to it from my FB music pages.

Your exhortation in that post turned my own despair into determination. I hope that I can pass it on.

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