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New Chapter Up!

Summer in Orcus 19

Apologies for delay--with Kevin traveling and the world...worlding...I lost track of what day of the week it was.

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... i want that library. like, a lot!

Small typo: I think you mean Dutch doors (top and bottom open separately) rather than French doors (have glass panels along the whole length)

Oh damn, yes, you're right.

I want that library, too.

Summer bowed her head. There were too many sorrows in the world. She thought that if she felt any one too deeply, she might drown in it.



Thank you.

"Worlding". Thank you. My vocabulary has expanded in a useful way :-} :-J.

And thank you for the chapter.

I just finished chapter 20, another well done last line, and I also wanted to say how much of a joy and a comfort this story has been in the last 8 days.

I can't get chapter 20 yet. Wah!

So I figured out how to pull it up. Lovely - AND chapter 21!

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