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Journal 11-25-16

So, Can we get t-shirts that say "Love and Spite in equal measure"?

We do what we can to not make this the new normal, but we live our own lives as well.

I vote...
I will keep going out of
in equal measure

I desire this t-shirt or poster so much.

Much love back. Looking forward to more hamsters.

[What can I say? I'm a simple kinda gal]

Bravo. Let there be biscuits.

This is so wonderful. Thank you for this comfort and reassurance. In love&spite.

It has been a very odd month. I have accomplished very little, but I've been strong for someone who needed it while scrambling not to completely fall apart myself, I've written two songs, and lived up to most of my commitments *and* I have called my Senators and Congressman a couple of times.

Good on you for raising money for PP and the ACLU.

Let's keep going out of Love for those who love us and Spite for those who don't (and the more fools they anyway.)

I read that as "frost-killed animals" at first and thought to myself "Holy s**t, that is some SERIOUS frost. Is this normal? This sounds normal. Holy s**t" and then re-read it and it made a lot more sense.

Life does have to go on. Things might be going to hell in a handbasket but if we all drop everything we won't even last long enough to see if all the cool people really did end up there. Besides, keeping on keeping on keeps me sane.

That's how I read it at first, too.

I guess, sometimes just being alive and carrying on as normal, is an act of resistance.
Viva la Resistance!

"Love and spite in equal measure" is pretty much a perfect descriptor of what's been keeping me going. It kept me on the phone listening the the emergency SBOE meeting on Sunday afternoon, and it motivated me to use my lunch break Monday to fill out the form for public comment for their emergency meeting Tuesday.

And then I bought the Castle Hangnail audiobook and listened to it while I ran errands and cleaned the house and ate cookies, because shit being serious doesn't mean I can't have fun too.

Here we are indeed. To add a personal tragedy on top of the shared ones, yesterday we had to euthanize our beloved 18-year-old cat (because cancer). This morning I made biscuits, and then I read your entry. Thank you for that and the phrase "I will keep going out of LOVE & SPITE in equal measure." I too would wear that on a T-shirt.

ETA: Maybe for my next ceramics project I'll make serving containers labeled "LOVE" and "SPITE" if I can figure out what they would look like.

Edited at 2016-11-26 05:55 pm (UTC)

I'm so sorry about your cat.

Chop wood, carry water, make biscuits? But yes, this.

We love you, Ursula. Even those of us who have never met you, or who have only met you once (like me--we met at RadCon in 2013, where we were both GoH's).

I tried to forward your message of hope in my own journal, here, which I also sent to the people subscribed to my music newsletter.

Love & Spite in Equal Measure! :-)

Love & Spite indeed. I could see a tattoo design coming out of that.

I'm moving on, but it suddenly feels like I'm hyper-aware that I'm living in an Important Time where I have to do Important Things. Day-to-day life, though necessary, feels too mundane sometimes. Like I'm wasting too much time that should be going to Something More Important. But I don't know always know what that Important Thing I should be doing is. Sometimes it's obvious: the donations I made or the letters I wrote to politicians. I've checked in on friends and helped them get what they need and assured them I'm here for them. But when I've done those things and finished with what I know about, what's next?

That's right- keep on keepin' on! We did elect Barak for two terms, unprecedented progress. The pendulum has swung back for a while.

Personally I believe W was a worse choice than Donald, possibly, and we survived him (sigh).

We'll outlive this one as well, and the pendulum will swing back!