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Gir the Beagle 2001(?)-2016

I am sad to say that Gir the beagle passed away this morning. He had been in a slow decline for...well, the better part of decade, frankly, but in the last few weeks, he seemed less cheerful and the skin around one of his eyes got swollen and odd and made him look like a prizefighter who'd lost badly. The young vet did not know what it was (mange? calluses?) and was baffled--the older vet, who owns the practice, took one look and said "cutaneous lymphoma," and that was the end of the road. Lengthy chemotherapy for an ancient dog who can already barely walk...no.

I take a rather odd comfort that it's an exceedingly rare lymphoma, and that cancer rates are already much lower in beagles than most other breeds, meaning that Gir died as bizarrely as he lived. You hate to think that something normal got him.

He was, if I'm being honest, not exactly a good dog--he was incontinent, largely untrainable, deafeningly loud, food-aggressive and prone to casually chewing holes in himself. His health issues were legendary and his pill case was bigger and more complicated than mine (and his pills substantially more expensive.) But he was cheerful and generally good-natured and we loved him dearly, and he lived so long with bits falling off that we started to wonder if he was the harbinger of some kind of canine zombie apocalypse.

"Ah, Gir," said the vet at the end. "Genetics weren't in your favor." And lord, they weren't, but he lived halfway to forever anyway.

Cave canem.

My deepest condolences, and may the halls of Beagle Valhalla receive this one. Cancer is a worthy foe to fall to.

I am sad. Condolences. It is good that he died as he lived, I guess, but I really do hate that dying part.

I'm so sorry -- my thoughts are with you guys <3

condolences from NE Raleigh,
beagles are interesting beasts and he was at the top of that list
So sorry for your loss

I'm sorry about what happened. 8< It always sucks losing a pet-friend

I will miss hearing his baying in the background of future KUEC podcasts. We will have to retire "beagle goes off" from the drinking game now. Thank you for being such good people for him.

Having owned beagles I concur that they are an enduring breed and it was fun to read about Gir in your posts. I know too, that you and Kevin did your very best by him.


Sorry for your loss.

(It was good that he lived a long life & was loved.)

I'm using the old version of LJ, so no "like" button for me.

Having lost both my roommate of 25 years and one of my cats within the past few months, I can truly empathize. And as a friend of mine said—regarding the loss of a dog—several years ago: "It's the silence that gets you."

I'd say that if I were forced to choose between a beagle and a terrier, I'd choose the beagle—but that's because I've never had a beagle and I currently have a terrier (pictured) with Cushing's syndrome.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Goodbye, Gir. Enjoy baying at ALL THE THINGS wherever you are now.

He couldn't have had a better home. And clearly he had a great time with you guys.

Sympathies on your loss.

Not Gir! I am so very sorry to hear it. =(