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Journal 12-03-16

Grow bags are supposed to be super-duper effective, so I'm looking forward to mad experimentation!

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The internet is awesome that way.

Yay, grow bag!

What happened with your tomatoes?

I planted herbs and cherry tomatoes for the first time and it wasn't until a week ago that my mom said I planted them too late to ripen. But I ate some green anyway and I have seeds for next year.

And then strange person that I am, I wondered if I could combine two lovely things and grow tomatoes in a snake cage, or if that would be bad for the snake.

They've just started to fail--late blight, mostly, and other woes. This happens when you grow tomatoes too long in the same place, as the fungus and the bugs and the diseases build up in the soil, and it exhausts some of the micronutrients. Ideally you rotate the placement and don't grow tomatoes in the same place more than once every three years or so. Which would work fine in a bigger garden, but I have very limited vegetable beds compared to the rest of the plantings, and I can't really rotate. But in the UK, they do it in greenhouses and have the same problems, so they grow the tomatoes in grow bags and can just compost the soil afterwards.

Yeah, I had to move mine because of blight. They produced decently before it took over, but I knew it wouldn't be good for the following year. I had the space to move them, but it was much harder to water them in the new location. Looks like it's back to the original location with grow bags next spring.

AW YISS grow bags / root pouches are AWESOME! I have a bunch of little ones growing tomatoes and strawberries, and a huge one that I'm trying potatoes in. You can sit them in trays to use as a water reservoir so they water themselves when you're away!

Grow bags are great -- I put two of them vertically side by side in a home made frame (a box would probably do) to grow tomatoes -- longer root runs make stronger plants (or so I've always been told). Plant some basil inbetween... Lovely. I can also use watering spikes with old plastic bottles to water them at a steady rate so the tomatoes don't split so much.

Huh..I wonder if you could hang a bunch of them on a frame, kinda like suit bags in a wardrobe...and use that as a vertical gardening thing...

It would have to be a strong frame, and there'd be a risk that the growing medium all bunched at the bottom.. but it's a thought.

Yeah, I think you'd need to put some horizontal stitching across them every so often, loosely sub-dividing the bag so that the growing medium doesn't all slump to the bottom. Although, you wouldn't want to close off the seam completely as that would defeat the object of the exercise, but rather create a bottle-neck. Sew a dashed line kind of.

and yes, given the weight of growing medium, plus plants, plus water... it would have to be a pretty stout frame and some strong rope sewn along the sides of the bags to prevent them tearing.

OTOH, it'd keep the damn slugs and snails from getting to them!

My slugs and snails climb walls, alas!

I was thinking of a open frame made of copper pipe... and maybe a a 12 volt mains adaptor and electrify that damn thing. [yeah, I lost an entire crop to the slimy b*stards]

I have considered training my cats to staff machine gun towers at night... I loath them (slugs and snails) with a passion, especially when they ooze their way indoors overnight.

Edited at 2016-12-04 12:36 pm (UTC)

You know how you can get battery operated water sprayers that are trigged by motion? [used to keep cats off furniture etc]... now imagine those loaded with a concentrated salt solution.

Although, now that I think about it, I'm not sure if a slug or snail wouldn't be able to go right past a detector, as a] they're at ambient temperature and b] moving slowly enough that their dopplar signature is below threshold. I think some sort of interrupted light beam would be needed...

Either way... turret guns seem to eb the way to go here..

My friends don't have a slug or snail problem in their garden because they have beagles, and the beagles eat the molluscs.

I've seen people attach small ones to propped up pallets for smaller plants, like strawberries. Not sure about larger ones.

Hound makes a beautiful portrait.

Your grow bags sound far more biodegradeable than the ones on offer in the UK,which tend to be plastic.

I have big cloth pots for my potatoes. I love them because harvesting the potatoes is just pouring the bags of dirt out onto the raised beds and stirring. Then I collapse the empty bags flat and put them in the garden shed for the winter.

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at least the lady in scooter didnt try to put Kevin in her basket... grin.

Saucy old ladies for the win!
And I love the technique you've done on Hound there! Gorgeous!

It looks like one of the filters from the Prisma app.

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