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Summer in Orcus Chapters

These continued to go up last week, but things were a bit hectic for obvious reasons...

Chapter Twenty-Three

Chapter Twenty-Four

Chapter Twenty-Five

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thank you thank you thank you
your stories are a bright spot in a darkening world

We're not at all acquainted, but I wanted to just say how much I enjoy your work. This serial is particularly lovely, I think even better than "The Seventh Bride", which I liked very much.

Would it be possible for some of your work that is only available in ebook form to be made available in POD? I find it much easier to read on paper, and also, I like knowing that I absolutely and definitely own it (after sad experience in countries with doubtful access to either the Internet or, indeed, electricity, I am confirmed in my preference for hardcopy).

This also is a vote for an illustrated version on paper.  The episodes put me in mind of waiting anxiously for the next episode of the old Flash Gordon reels :)

Oh dear and oh my and oh dear and mothers of mischief and daughters of chaos. Oh my, that's beautiful.

The antelope woman is COMPLETELY AMAZING. It's going to turn out abysmally, of course, but how completely awesome until then! I think she's telling the truth when she says even SHE doesn't know what she'll do. But maybe she does! Maybe she's had a plan the who-- ha ha ha I doubt it. Chaos. But maybe! She is a GREAT character.

And you have made me think way, way too much about spider-horses. (I did not ever want to think about spider-horses in the first place, so 'at all' is too much.)

Antelope women may not be trustworthy, but oh my they are fascinating.

As always, thanks for these.

Thanks also for reminding those of us who never quite figured out RSS. :)

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