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Chapter 26!

It's up!

Also, looking at the schedule--it would appear that the story, as currently scheduled, would only run over into January by one week. So for the last week of the year, we'll get double helpings of the story, and wrap it at the end of the year. It seems tidier. And also...well, I kinda feel like I can't do much to make the year end on a positive note, but by god, I can do this!

I'll scramble to get my e-book versions together so they'll be available in early January too. (Patreon sponsors will get access to free versions, because you've made the whole thing possible! And I can't tell you how grateful I am for that. It's been really awesome!)

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Story is a wonderful present to start with. Your story is especially so. Thank you, Ursula, for sharing this with us.

I'm loving the story so much. I don't want it to end. It's shaping up to be my favourite thing I've read all year.

*Happy sigh* More story! But all good things must come to an end. *sad pout*

It was just yesterday that I was thinking "It's a good thing that XKCD and "Summer in Orcas" post on different days. I would have to flip a coin to figure out which one to read first."

I have had the same thought about "Summer in Orcas" and "Wilde Life."

Orcas is both Classic and Fresh at the same time.
I want to read more of Reginald!

Thank you so much for this story. It's wonderful.

(Possible teeny typo, or missing words?
The footing here was better,

“Does Grub know about it?” asked Summer, hurrying after her.

*goes back to reading happily*

I will be sorry to have it end, but it will be nice to have an ebook version to reread from beginning to end. And I definitely want to know what happens!

I'm loving this. Thank you.

I would love to have a hard-copy of this -- I am a Luddite who does not do e-readers (though I have been greedily gulping down chapters of Summer online as fast as you post them). What are our chances?

I'm excited there's going to be an e-reader version! I'm a sit-down-and-read-it-all-in-one-go type, so I was waiting for all the chapters to publish before reading. And now I will be able to get it on my Nook and have it with me always! Huzzah!

Taking bets with myself about the secret identity of the Antelope Woman and loving this ever so much...

I'm behind on reading this because I've been sick and most of my time when I could be reading has been devoted to knitting as I frantically try to finish everyone's gifts before Christmas. At this point, I'm down to needing to knit the limbs of an Australian golden green beetle and stitch everything together for my younger nephew, making the whole of a dolphin for my older nephew, and about 1/3 of a sweater for my dad. Everything else is done, thank heavens.

I just wanted to say that what I have read, I've found very enjoyable and light/fluffy in a very pleasant way. It's a dessert of a story to me.

I don't know if you saw it, but I sent you a message.

Hooray, e-reader version right before I go on a trip! I love having your books for airplane travel, they are very soothing~ (am a read-it-all-at-once fan who has been waiting to read until it's all released~)

Will this be available as a .pdf?

What's the schedule going to look like this week? I'm trying to save myself the time of repeatedly reloading the main page while I wait :-} :-|.

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