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Stuff I Published In 2016

It has been so long that the early reaches of the year seem an impossibly long time ago. Nevertheless! If we do not keep track of what we did, how will we know!?

Short Stories

Razorback - Apex Magazine


The Tomato Thief - Apex Magazine

Children's Books

Dragonbreath: The Frozen Menace - Dial Books (I can't believe that was this year. How was that this year?)
Hamster Princess: Of Mice and Magic - Dial Books
Hamster Princess: Ratpunzel - Dial Books


The Raven and the Reindeer (as T. Kingfisher)

If Summer in Orcus wraps by the end of the year, as I am hoping to make happen, it'll count here too. (Oh god, I need to make an e-book cover...)

I honestly had hoped for another novel this year (and I keep forgetting that Summer counts as quite a long novel, because it's a different thing in my head) or at least a novella out this fall. The election season turned the last half of the year into a dragging pit of unproductivity, though. Nevertheless, I've got an anthology, a novelette, and the next hamster book all slated for early next year, so that's not too shabby, and Lord willing and the creek don't rise, some of these half-done things knocking around will fall out onto the page sooner rather than later.

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I loved The Raven and the Reindeer. <3

The election season turned the last half of the year into a dragging pit of unproductivity, though

I may borrow this exact phrase when I do a year-end round-up next week. :}

Huh. That means I read everything you published this year.


Does Book of the Wombat 2015 go on this list?

...and will there be a 2016 Book of the Wombat? I'll buy it!

Re: Does Book of the Wombat 2015 go on this list?

Oh god! I forgot about that! Thank you!

A friend recently relayed a quote from her children that I give the best presents....and I need to pass on that praise to you because what I give them are your books, an 11 yr old and 7 yr old that have all the dragon breath and hamster princess books as well as castle hangnail...the son pointed out that somehow I failed to give them Nurk, so that is in the christmas present pile for this year...so thank you for making me look good with these quirky amazing kids!

I, myself, hang on your every word.

And I pay for the ones that aren't free. And, if they are free, when they get made into complete non-free versions, I pay for those.

Oh, thank you for linking Razorback! So happy to read that again. I'd almost forgotten about it.

What about all those wonderfully illustrated update/diary pages you give us?
They count too!

Nurk is a book my son returns to again and again, with a familiar "Blue Sword"-like aspect. I know one of your goals is to write that touchstone book, and I think you may be accomplishing it. Keep up the excellent work! I consider it a consolation that since you and I are about the same age, I have a reasonable hope of continuing to read your stuff for the rest of my life. This is a good thing.

Also, take your vitamins.

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