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...and the other stuff for 2016!

It's early in the month but I'm not anticipating getting a lot more done this year, so here's the roundup, and if somehow I finish something else, I'll note it down!

This year was...not great for the world. But I'm still here, and since productivity is how I measure my worth, let's see how it stacked up.

Let's see, professionally...I handed in two books that aren't out yet, Hamster Princess: Giant Trouble and Illuminations. Wrote and illustrated the Hamster book, too! (I only wrote part of Illuminations, but edited it extensively this last year.) Wrote another hamster book, currently working on the illustrations. Put thousands of words on various other projects, and finished/self-pubbed/web-released two novels (as mentioned in the last blog post) and wrote a novelette, "The Dark Birds" (coming out next year.) Sold a couple story reprints, got the movie option finalized, went on too many book tours, did a couple cons and book festivals, got nominated for the Texas Bluebonnet Award, got longlisted for the British Science Fiction Award (for "Wooden Feathers"--didn't make the short list, obviously, but still nifty.) won the Mythopoeic Award for Children's Literature for Castle Hangnail. Got on the cover of Booklist. Have the Halcyon Fairy Book anthology coming out next year--I didn't have to do much for that, beyond writing another story and cleaning some stuff up, but it's still nifty. Have a story in a kid's anthology coming out next year, Funny Girl. I think that's everything...

Art-wise, I'll probably be in the neighborhood of two hundred illustrations by the end of the year, which makes me feel better about what feels like a lack of art productivity. And I did a bunch of coloring book pages, some of which are sitting in limbo, but some of which went up on Etsy. This is the year I totally revamped the website (which involved learning way more CSS than was emotionally healthy) offloaded my print business, and opened an Etsy shop. (It's been SUCH a relief having Topatoco handle the prints, I can't even tell you. Even though I make a good bit less, the fact that I don't have to deal with all the printing and shipping has been REALLY helpful to managing my schedule and my sanity. )

Did a couple digital lino-block style prints, some neat Art Deco posters that I was proud of, a few silly doodles, a painting or two, some amusingly doctored photos, mocked up some book covers to try and work on that skillset. Took a lot of macro photos of bugs. Made a lot of pendants (and yes, I'm still making them! I enjoy the chickens!) Worked on Cryptic Stitching, even, which is not yet abandoned. Discovered Photoshop Actions, which is a dark and glorious place. Did...uh...math...156 Hidden Almanacs and probably thirty KUECs. Jesus. Lots of journal pages, too, even if I fell off the wagon around November.

I went to Ireland! How awesome is that?! To County Cork and County Kerry. I'm still not over it. Visited my buddy Foxfeather's farm at long last, went birding in New Orleans with the Sofawolf guys and finally saw a Magnificent Frigatebird!

We lost Emily the cat and Gir the dog, both after lengthy illness, and I just sent off the paperwork for Ernie the tragic hound to be adopted. Hound is SO happy with her new friend. They play Capture the Ear constantly. He is so sweet and sad that we fell in love immediately.

In the garden, I grew Gem Squash and Anna's Thai Peppers! I am so happy about that! In theory I even have seeds! And I photographed the elusive Craw-Bob at last! I think I moved some stone in the garden too, but it's been awhile so I can't remember. Pretty sure I did. I do that a lot.

Also Teenager #1 moved out and I cleaned, painted, redecorated and refurnished the new guest bedroom. I am very happy about this. Occasionally I walk in and gaze at how clean and not horrible it is to remind myself that it is possible to bring order to chaos. Set my mom up in a place in Oregon that she really likes, too, so that was a monumental weight off my mind.

Honestly, looking at all this...you know, I did pretty well. I have been feeling down because of the whole election thing, but this year, I have not yet failed.

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You have done an amazing amount, and have had to deal with a lot this year. You have a lot to feel proud of!

Yay for Ernie-hound!

Our hounds play chase, taking turns as rabbit, complete with baying. I keep hoping that a family with one or more hounds of their own buys the house next door.

When you sum it up that way, it was an amazing year.

*is very, very, immensely impressed by your list*

Sounds like a jam-packed year to me. Well done and I hope I'm half as productive as you next year!

It's good to look back over your accomplishments for the year. Gives a sense of perspective, and all that.

You're one of the people i can immediately think of, when i wonder who is helping to keep the world a vibrant, creative, irreverent, funky place, when we need all of that and more, in spades. (you have spades. and pickaxes and sledgehammers, and...)

Keep being you, just as hard as you can.

Sounds like a fine year to me. You have been super productive.
Bravo. I wish I had half your energy.

you have nothing to be ashamed of .... you had a very good year... (except for the election)

CSS makes me lose sanity every time I deal with it.

I am in awe and envy. As someone above said, I hope I am even a fraction as accomplished as you in the new year.

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