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Summer in Orcus

Chapter Twenty-Seven
Chapter Twenty-Eight

aaaaand cover reveal for the collected edition (except I need to fiddle with kerning a bit more, there's some gaps in T. Kingfisher that need to be a smidgeon less gapped...)

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Given your expressed angst on Twitter over the cover layout I wasn't going to say anything about the kerning in "Kingfisher", but I'm glad you noticed it yourself. :)


Oh, wow. These chapters are amazing.

Oh my, chapter 28 got me right in the feels

Will you ever do a picture of Reginald?
I'd love to see him!

Love what you did with "In Orcus" lettering.

I love this. I saw it over on twitter last night and just stared at it and sighed with satisfaction. SO GOOD.

And your text trick with "in" and "Orcus" is perfection.

Oooh, I love the painting.

And chapter 28... wow.

Not Summer, not Reginald, not Zultan or Grub, but Glorious and the Antelope Woman? That's *fascinating*.

ETA: possible minor editing error (or misparse on my part) in 28: In two adjacent paragraphs, there's "fly determinedly toward the northwest" and then "stayed pointing northeast", describing the same thing trying to move. Should those match?

Edited at 2016-12-15 08:51 pm (UTC)

So much awesome. ^_^ And the cover is great too!

*reads the chapters* RESCUES YAY!

I'm so glad the antelope woman is on the cover! I've been thinking about drawing her. Now I don't gave to ask what KIND of antelope she (mostly) resembles! (There are SO MANY KINDS OF ANTELOPE. In unrelated news.)

I love this story. That is a beautiful cover :)

Oh yay. Needed this today.

Was inspired by the juncos in the snow, decided the world needed a badly photoshopped valet bird pic: http://vincaminor42.tumblr.com/post/154610552654/a-quick-shopping-of-a-junco-in-a-bowler-hat-aka

I woke up this morning from dreams definitely influenced by "Summer in Orcus". Alas, they are mostly a haphazard mishmash rather than anything coherent. Nevertheless:

1) Summer writes a letter to Baba Yaga on the outside of one of those stiff brown mailer envelopes (used for sending photographs?)

2) A series of images, done in a very Vernonesque style: A tall column of intertwined stalks or long thin woody trunks. At the top, a rope is tied, connected to a large floating balloon. Summer climbs the column and grabs the rope, and floats off, presumably trying to do some sort of aerial survey. It struck me even in the dream as being a very poor way to travel, but perhaps it could be seen as an emotional metaphor.

3) Finally, there was something, perhaps from the letter in the first part, about a new residence being called "Summer of Doghope".

I really kind of like that last phrase, and I hope you use it in an sequel, or appendix, or coda, or whatever.

A couple of formatting bugs¹:

In chapter 29, the fragment that reads: "likely, so what was the difference?" is formatted as a new paragraph, but it is the continuation of the sentence that is in the paragraph that precedes it.

In chapter 30, the line that reads: "that makes no sense, there are no newspapers in Orcus, or if there are, I’ve never seen one" looks like an internal thought, and should therefore be italicized.

1: Hah!

ETA: clearer wording.

Edited at 2016-12-22 08:17 pm (UTC)

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