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Hanging In There Journal

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That seems like an important thing, about the words, yes.

But there are no paintings or snapshots or description of the gorgeous very cool beans? What do they look like?

I am always in awe of people who can keep writing the same book after the world has gone to shit. Mine always turn into completely different books. If I may ask, do you have any... advice on how to do that, or at least any idea how you do it? :S

I'm...not sure, really! If the book is far enough along, it doesn't have a super amount of wiggle-room in my head. I've had a few spout extra scenes in response to the world...

So true about words. Longer days really are just around the corner

That last paragraph helps a lot to stabilize nervous thoughts. Thank you.

These beans you are talking about, can we have a link?

This was actually incredibly soothing/uplifting to read (I can no longer tell the difference between 'soothing' and 'uplifting', good to know). Thank you.

and there is this little work station where Hamsters are in baskets waiting to be processed into more Hamsters...

hello :) I'm off to America in October, super excited! I was wondering if you might have any recommendations for a good birders guide, please? Or a good general field guide that might cover common birds and creatures I might encounter in the Chicago, NYC and Washington area, please? I won't have much time, but by the frog tree ,I intend to find whatever I possibly can! :D

birding in America

I live in the DC suburbs; while I am not a birder, my neighbor is (she is avid, and volunteers for several local groups.) Contact me closer to your travel dates and I'll put you in touch with Lynette F.

lynnT at yahoo dot com

As Sir Pterry's goblins would say, "Hang!"

I just listened to your last podcast yesterday, and now I am wondering if you have seen this article yet: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-38297345

relevant to your (new) interest

I emailed you about this channel in response to a KUEC episode, but I'll do it again here.


Australian dude goes out into the bush and makes stuff without using modern tools. He appears to be doing it just to satisfy his own curiosity about what's possible, so no survivalist screeds.

Unfortunately for Kevin, he's only gotten up to smelting iron, so no post-apocalypse insulin. (yet)

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