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[sticky post]Forwarding Address

If you're looking for me over on Dreamwidth, I'm TKingfisher over there, or you can always find me at www.redwombatstudio.com

I'm on Twitter as @ursulav and Tumblr as tkingfisher, my Amazon author pages are here and here and I guess that's pretty much everything. If you need me, you can't throw a rock without hitting me online these days.

I've loved my time here and I'll be grateful forever for what it used to be. It kept me alive a few times. I love you all.

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As far as I can tell, the main triggering reason is that the servers have (in the last few days) been moved from the U.S. to Russia, thereby placing them under the jurisdiction of the Russian government for issues of security, privacy, and censorship.

And then, as ursulav notes, there's also herding behavior, which makes a lot of sense given that for social media to work, the herd needs to stay together!

Oooh I hadn't heard that they'd moved over to Russian servers. That's worrying. My most rampant, unsolvable art thefts have come from Russia. Thanks for the head's up.

I hadn't heard that either!

I'm still looking for something authoritative about that, but it seems likely, and the number of Russians moving to DW supports it.

There's some discussion lurking in the comments to a recent dw-maintenance post: http://dw-maintenance.dreamwidth.org/73907.html?nc=74&style=mine#comments

Unfortunately, some of that is in Russian (which I can't read) and some of what's in English links back to failfandom-anon, so also not authoritative (and beastly hard to find my way around in).

When I asked Google "where are the LiveJournal servers," one of the things it found me was a tweet from a few months ago about the servers being moved to Russia and the potential dangers there in terms of anything resembling information security.

Yeah; I've seen that. If you're using Chrome, google will happily translate for you - click the little icon on the right-hand side of the URL box.

Boris Khodorkovsky on Twitter: "Farewell free #Livejournal. Welcome to Russian reality, now at full 100%." links to https://t.co/J0wEXom0Uu with a screenshot something that gives completely different results when I do it. It's possible that the move has in fact happened, but that DNS and the routers haven't caught up yet.

There's definitely something sketchy going on.

Sketchy how? LiveJournal has had Russian owners since 2007 and has been developed in Russia since 2009. Moving the server platform there too is not exactly strange.

For an individual user, there is practically no difference at all. All the usual players will still do their mass surveillance (although I suppose it'll be slightly less legally dodgy for the NSA to do it now), and all that. The only significant difference I can think of is that it'll be harder for US corporations to subpoena information from LiveJournal.

1. It will be much easier for the Russian authorities to shut down journals they don't like, and in fact they have already done so along with the move.
2. There will be no First Amendment protection for anyone, so in fact it will be easier for any government to censor journals

The IP addresses for LIveJournal's servers lead to Moscow. While it's technically possible for the actual servers to still be elsewhere, any traffic to LJ definitely goes to Russia before it (possibly, but not likely) goes anywhere else.

Well, that might explain why my friend's feed went away suddenly. Turn off the feed in hopes it stops people from talking about the migration, maybe.


I suppose that's my que to exit stage left.

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