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[sticky post]Forwarding Address

If you're looking for me over on Dreamwidth, I'm TKingfisher over there, or you can always find me at www.redwombatstudio.com

I'm on Twitter as @ursulav and Tumblr as tkingfisher, my Amazon author pages are here and here and I guess that's pretty much everything. If you need me, you can't throw a rock without hitting me online these days.

I've loved my time here and I'll be grateful forever for what it used to be. It kept me alive a few times. I love you all.

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(Deleted comment)
Yes, that's what I use. I managed to get a 'seed' account on DW, and can crosspost to, I think, 5 other sites. So I usually write the post on DW, and crosspost to LJ and (sometimes) InsaneJournal (yes, that still exists!).

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