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[sticky post]Forwarding Address

If you're looking for me over on Dreamwidth, I'm TKingfisher over there, or you can always find me at www.redwombatstudio.com

I'm on Twitter as @ursulav and Tumblr as tkingfisher, my Amazon author pages are here and here and I guess that's pretty much everything. If you need me, you can't throw a rock without hitting me online these days.

I've loved my time here and I'll be grateful forever for what it used to be. It kept me alive a few times. I love you all.

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Is there any risk of harming the LJ journal we export from?

I don't believe so. I originally set up my DW account and imported my LJ content in order to have a backup, during one of the earlier kerfluffles. Then I started writing posts on the DW side and crossposting from there to LJ because it was trivially easy in that direction but not in the other. I've run imports regularly since 2009, and have never seen any evidence of a negative effect on the LJ side.

Thank you. I would truly hate anything to go wrong with this journal.

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