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Held the Line Journal

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**nods** I feel like telling all my favorite people in the world to hunker down and hide in basements until the ball drops at midnight on Sunday. No dying, you lot! Most years are pictured as old men while the new year comes in as an infant, right? Only I'm picturing 2016 as a hungry zombie with a long white blood-spotted beard and a 'Trump Power' button.....

Huh; hot tubs..... It's a little-known fact that our primitive ancestors would use the enormous bones of their hot tub kills to build rude shelters in which to spend the night after a successful hunt. Must've smelled AWFUL.

May the specter of 2016 pass you by!

Edited at 2016-12-29 04:32 am (UTC)

The French Revolutionary calendar seriously had a day called Manure Day?!?

Thank you for asking. That was my first question.

It truly does! Days are named after useful things and...well...

And what's amusing is that this one is likely true in most areas across similar latitudes.

You probably don't have time to come over and read my LJ, but if you did, you'd know that I have goats and a llama. I clean the barns a few times a year and deposit the hay/poop in piles for decomposition and later use. The weather was quite decent this past Monday, so we were out in the vegetable garden, cleaning beds and... augmenting them... for next year.

So the French apparently got it right. I only have one data point, but still.

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Summer in Orcus was excellent and wonderful, and while 2016 was grim and terrible beyond any year I have known, this story was one of the things that made the last part of the year easier and more filled with joy.

Thank you!

We took out a fiberglass shower-tub-thingie with a saws-all once.

Summer in Orcus is brilliant. I've been telling all the readers I know about it. :)

(Ps. Some publisher needs to pick it up so I can give copies to people.)

Edited at 2016-12-29 09:18 am (UTC)

.... and the line held...

Summer in Orcus is fantastic! I would love a print version, so I can snuggle up with it the way you can't with an e-reader.

For what it is worth, SUMMER IN ORCUS was an awesome book, which I read with avid joy. The year may have been difficult for you, but I wish you joy in the coming months.

Summer in Orcus was fabulous, but like all good stories, the ending is bittersweet. Oh, not because of what happens -- indeed, the ending couldn't be more hopeful -- but rather because it ended at all. I realize that all stories must end, that's part of what makes them stories. But it still leaves a little ache in my heart.

I am no Professor Pangloss, and I would love to kick 2016 off the face of the planet, but... Besides Summer in Orcus there have been quite a few good things that have happened. I try to keep my Tumblr a positive space so I go looking for Good News.
Like this.

Thank you for that. It was delightful.

My 95 year old Dad sez that every day he tries to make someone smile. If he can do that, he's happy.
I've decided to do the same thing.
You are very welcome.

I feel like I've been pretty vocal about it on Twitter, but I for one, adored Summer in Orcus. <3 I still remember the tidbit of the story you put up years ago. (Hell, I almost recall there being an entry about the "Antelope women are not to be trusted" line coming to you in a dream or something, maybe I've been reading your LJ a long time...)

May all your little story bits and bobs find as excellent a home as Orcus.

The small things of Christmas going well and while the year has been harsh, we are still here - and we keep on going bc what else is there? The alternative sucks.

Wishing you all the best and I have adored reading the "Summer of Orcus" - not finished yet but queued on the laptop. Thank you for this pleasure.

I know we touched on this beautiful journal of yours weeks... months... years (2016 feels like a lifetime!!!)... ago, but I can't remember if I asked whether you use software to create the pages?

Thank you, thank you, thank you for "Summer in Orcus". It is one of the most wonderful things I've read in a while.

I, too, loved every minute of Summer in Orcus - and I'm wondering how much to read into your choice of icon, since that's a connection I made, and the reason why I recommended it to one particular friend...

If you mean mine, it's my default one... but I can see a connection...

"Summer in Orcus" was wonderful! Absolutely loved it and I'll be reading it again once I can buy the ebook. :D (See? more money shall be thrown at you!)

I also look forward to buying a copy of Orcus! It was just what I wanted. <3

I hope some publisher picks up "Summer in Orcus" as I'd love a physical copy (I'm another one of those weird people who doesn't do ebooks).

Thanks for providing a wonderful distraction!

Yes please -- I want a hard copy! Multiple hard copies! With illustrations!

Will send plants if that influences your decision any....


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