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Nearly there!

I don't dare take anything for granted, but it's 2.5 hours to 2017, EST, and we can do this! Hold the line! Don't die! If you feel yourself about to die, clench or something! We can make it!

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Unfortunately LJ is in trouble: http://rahirah.livejournal.com/695706.html

Somehow I hope the new year will not be as bad as I fear but at least let us all have a great New Year weekend.


Thanks for the tip; I just started an import from LJ to DW. (My last import was a few years ago.)

You're welcome. I'm going to have to do the same thing too *sigh*


Not dead and I'm not clenching, presumably that's a good thing!

Happy New Year to you, Kevin and all at Clan Vernon!

Edited at 2017-01-01 04:36 am (UTC)

Thank you, Ursula. My brain managed to get in the groove of all that I have lost this year, but 'clench or something' made me laugh. We can, indeed, make it.

Thank you, Ursula. My brain managed to get in the groove of all that I have lost this year, but 'clench or something' made me laugh. We can, indeed, make it.

Just finished reading Summer in Orcus. Thanks so much for this. You will also be happy to hear that when I was at B&N the other night, and they asked if I wanted to donate a children's book, instead of taking one of their cheapie selections, I sent Morgan to fetch a copy of Harriet the Invincible and donated that, because, alas, there is no shortage of little girls being told disempowering things by busybody aunts, and Harriet IS the antidote.

As of the time I post this, you've made it to 2017; I, however, am languishing in CST and will not escape the clutches of this vile year for another 57 minutes. Give or take.

Holding on, but need to ask you
there's a thing I'd like to know
I've just heard LJs in trouble
'Cos a comment told me so.
If I back up songs to Dreamwidth
copy all that I hold dear
If I back up all my memories
Will it harm my Journal here?

I am not UrsulaV, but doing an import from DW should leave your LJ just fine. I periodically import everything over, and crosspost from DW all the time.

Thank you. I'll go ahead with it then - anything I should do or avoid doing?

Nah, it's painless and easy - although I wouldn't be surprised if their import servers were running a bit slow under the current load. So don't worry if it takes a little while or you have to try a few times. I've been over there for years (with an automatic cross-post to LJ) and it works just fine.

Thank you. I'd hate to lose this journal.

I didn't die. I went out and ate fondue with dear friends, instead. Seemed like a better choice, somehow. ;-)

Happy New Year and thanks again for "Summer in Orcus"!

Edited at 2017-01-01 06:05 am (UTC)

Still alive, despite redneck neighbor's fireworks and firearms!


Happy New Year from Australia by the way and also


I saved the last several chapters of Summer in Orcus to read today, because sometimes anticipating a wonderful thing is better for my mood than actually having the wonderful thing. And here we are in 2017 and so I read them and AAAAUUUUUUGGGHHHH


and then I read your author note and aaaaaahhhhh I'm so glad to be among the crowd throwing little bits of money your way every month. It's awesome that you wanted to do that even without getting paid for it, and it's even more awesome that we were able to give you money for it. Like that "shut up and take my money" meme, only we definitely don't want you to shut up! XD

egad I'm being incoherent at you and I'm not even drunk

Clench! XD I start the new year with a laugh, thank you!

Thank you for Summer in Orcus. I only read the first few chapters when it started, saving it for a special occasion once it was finished. Day before yesterday, I REALLY needed to escape, and I read it, and it was wonderful. I wish your books had been around when I was a kid.

I'm alive on January 1st, which enabled me to make my monthly Patreon contribution to you. So hey, I've done something good in 2017 already. :-)

I really do appreciate your encouragement and smiled at the "clench or something" part. Popular vote says there are more of us willing to participate than not who can act to minimize the mess. It's going to be a Ganesh-laden time and I am hoping to find compassion throughout.

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