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First Journal of the Year

I’ll tell you a thing, though. As many crappy little doodles as I do in these pages (and there are many!) when I look back, I don’t think “God, that sucked! I wish I’d done better!” I’m just glad I drew a weird little thing at all. Even if it’s just a chicken.

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The chicken is one of my favorite characters and I look for her every time. She's like a Hirschfeld Nina I think! :)

Edited at 2017-01-05 04:34 pm (UTC)

I really do like these pages and appreciate that you do them.

I need to stock up on wine & potato chips & dog treats

At least you have your priorities straight!

they are lovely chickens, I always look for them...

they are lovely chickens, I always look for them...

They are wonderful doodles.

But we love the Garden Hen. :)

I confess: I was waiting for the goth leaf to turn out to be a little dragon, which had miraculously hatched from a set of heritage dragon seeds that you had given up on. :)

Your doodles are one of the reasons we love the journal that you do, they are not crappy at all. Chicken is a delight and would be sorely missed if she no longer wanders onto the page.

A very gothic leaf indeed, was it just that one leaf or a whole bunch of them?

Your journal pages - and your delightful little weird chickens - feel...comfortable, somehow, like the conversation of old friends on the porch sharing tea in mis-matched mugs (even though we've never met).
Thank you for posting these little bits of everyday joy amid the daily gloom.

I love those doodles :) And your journal pages are really inspiring

The Garden Chicken is awesome and I always look for her!

I see you are still abstaining from the Required Snow Sacrifices of French Toast? XD

I love your chicken doodles! So expressive! Yet so simple! <3

You missed the memo.

Like it or not, you're a Fountainhead of Irreverent Creativity in enough different media to make a struggling artist irrationally bitterly jealous if you weren't so g'damned NICE about everything so much of the friggin' time.

You bring more awesomeness and positivity into more lives than I'll probably ever reach. I'd say "Don't Ever Stop", except you can't, for folks like you, it's like breathing, and that's fantastic for a world desperately in need of as much Awesome as everyone can grind out, together. Left alone on a small island, the first thing a rescuer would get is a cup of local tea and a guided tour of the driftwood and moss sculpture gardens you've made during your stay before you asked if they were a rescuer or stranded, too.

Keep being awesome, however it comes out. You could share your grocery list and have over a hundred followers. (it worked for your junk food...)

Thank you for sharing your doodles with us. I really enjoy them


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