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Snow Journal

The tweet, if you can’t read it, reads as follows:

ERNIE: i ate snow sad now
ME: Oh buddy, your ears are so cold. Let me snuggle–GET YOUR TONGUE OUT OF MY COFFEE
ERNIE: better now

Anyway, being home alone with the hounds during a snow event is not a bad thing, although I’ll be glad to see another human soon!

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Chickadees turn into ping-pong balls when the temperature gets down around 0 F.

(Deleted comment)
Garden Hen is learning survival strategies from the little spherical floofbirds and seems to be a good student XD

The tufted titmouse looks seriously ticked off at the snow.

Looking forward to seeing ya at the con! ...I'll probably stammer something about really liking your stuff and that I'll post at you on LJ and then I'll run away again. >_>

We were also supposed to have a rain-apocalypse here in the S.F. Bay Area, with five inches of rain predicted over the weekend, but we got maybe a half-inch or so. Still wet, but nothing apocalypse-like.

I'm really hoping that means it all fell as snow in the mountains, to bank up as water for the coming summer!

What is your recipe for Bachelor Chow?

Seconded. There seem to be several such recipes with wildly different character. My variant is a has-bean salad. (The base is a bean salad with several sorts of canned beans and Italian dressing, but there's usually more of other things that are NOT beans such as hominy, olives, feta cheese, diced cucumbers and bell peppers, artichoke hearts, and so on depending what's in the canned reserves. Thus, it really can't be called a bean salad. I also usually garnish with a few pickled pepperoncini or mix in some banana peppers.)

That sounds a bit too much like cooking for Ursula.
If she hadn't said she was "making" it I would assume it was Chinese Take Out and Pizza.

Probably at dicing the fresh veggies. The lazy or hurried can skip the bell pepper and cucumber dices.

That leaves opening about six cans, a small jar, a cheese crumble tub, a freezer bag (or two, if you use frozen sweet corn instead of hominy), and a bottle of store-bought Italian-type dressing. Dump in large lidded container, close, shake.

Those too lazy for that are probably ordering take out or eating portion-packed cheese snacks.

Thirded. Is this the crock-pot version of beans-n-greens, or is this the nachos and pizza free-for-all?

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I'm quite curious now.

I look forward to hearing your words at Arisia.

Beeper Birds! I got leggings with those guys on them and I love them =)
Are you going to Repticon this weekend???

Pants. You might want to bring words and pants. It's a mite chilly in the Westin.

Looking forward to your appearances at the con!

She was probably going to at least BRING pants anyway, to cope with the 20° temperatures. (Which will be followed, as this is New England, by rain and/or snow.)

Mungo-dog is much like your Hound- he kept "having to go out back" because the snow excites him strangely and he must run around in it.

Tufted titmice are adorable...

I have never met Ernie but I love Ernie. That is a dog whose values I understand completely.

an inch of snow in Portland Oregon is a sign of the End Times... trust me on this, all the peoples act like its Snowmaggeddon.

an inch of snow in Portland Oregon is a sign of the End Times... trust me on this, all the peoples act like its Snowmaggeddon.

So does Ernie chronically try to scam coffee, or is he only interested in it when his tongue is cold?

The way some idiots in NC drive in snow, 1 inch is enough of an apocalypse for me not to want to leave the house!

But we're a little west of you, and the snow drifts that accumulated on our ramp were 6 inches easily. All powdery like I haven't seen outside of Utah.

Looking forward to seeing you at arisia. It's pretty bitterly cold in boston today, but warming tomorrow with some rain to wash away the snow and salt, then turning back to cold. It's still a bit early to predict weather for the weekend, other than it's january in boston, expect it to be cold. The Westin is on the waterfront, and thus it will be quite windy. There is a car and motor home show going on in the convention center next door, so expect mobs of motorheads to be trudging around during the days. Wear comfy shoes, the westin lobby is granite and you have to trudge across it several times per day at the con.

Unrelated to anything, child #3 has taken up an obsessive love with a butternut squash and attempted to bring it to bed with her, which led to the comment, "We managed to get her to relinquish the squash. I think this makes her child most likely to collect Ursula Vernon art."

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