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Not dead Journal

...but holy moley, this con-crud has some teeth to it. Cough, body ache, fever and fatigue. Then you lay in bed and think "Am I REALLY sick or just lazy with a cough?" Then you get up out of guilt and then you have to sleep for three hours. Fun.

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I love it when the froggy choral starts in with their HEY BABY calling..

I love it when the froggy choral starts in with their HEY BABY calling..

Hope you are feeling better soon from the crud and regain your energy. Plants and seeds instead of the DC circus... definitely a better choice.

The frog chorus is worth a lot - I smiled thinking about them and their fine croaking.

I hope you recover swiftly! It was very good to see you at the con.

I love those frogs. We get them in May.

I hope the con crud departs utterly very soon now.


I just finished reading my copy of Digger, which I got for my birthday LAST year and hadn't actually read through. I've read it online a number of times, but not recently, and I had forgotten a lot. And I still cannot believe we had to endure reading two pages a week for so long... I had to force myself to slow down and really see the illustration and not just the words!

Digger is still as amazing as ever, and you are not going to get out of people telling you so for many years to come.

it wass so nice to meet you in person and hang out at dinner and in lobby. i am sorry my con gave you crud :D

Yeah, sorry you got the awful plague that's been going around Boston. I was mostly over mine by a week and a half in, though I was bad at temperature regulation for at least a week after (unless that was the weather? Hard to tell when it's 51F in Boston in January).

If I'd known that you were talking about plants on Twitter on Friday, maybe I wouldn't have hidden from the internet so thoroughly. Maybe not; there was a lot of actual work to do, too.

If you find the inauguration depressing, you might look online at crowd photos for the protest the day after. On seven continents....

Thank you, Ursula. Your holding the line on twitter has been a lifeline for me.

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