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Summer in Orcus Collection on Sale!

We got ebooks! Hot fresh ebooks! The whole collection, in one place!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a Patreon person, you get it free! There should be an email in your inbox! You don't have to buy it! You already helped support it like whoa!


B& N


And yes, to forestall the question--I'm currently chatting with a publisher about a print volume, so that's hopefully in the works for the not-terrible-distant future!

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That took about 20 seconds from announcement to purchase. <3

*pats it happily from Smashwords*

Also Kobo, for those as that is their preference.

Don't have time to buy it yet, I'm about to get ready to go out to knitting group, but I am amused that when I get forwarded by Amazon to the .co.uk site for it, it asks, anxiously, if I really wanted 'summer in orcas'...

Whale, not really, but thanks for asking, Amazon!

Bought and reviewed.

Thank you again for Summer in Orcus. Having both needed and enjoyed it so much at the end of last year I figured the least I could do was buy a copy, so I did. Stories matter. Engaging my mind with something other than processing dread and despair helps so much in dealing with, well, everything. Also, hoopoes!

Yes please! I'd been reading it on laptop and not finished yet, went to Amazon to buy as it is easier to read on E-reader. :) My wonky hands and being able to lie down while reading is preferred but I had continued on laptop as best I could. Thank you! Pleased to have it where I can read at my pleasure and ease.

Hooray! Snapped a copy for my wife, who doesn't do serials well. Now she has it all in one place on her kindle, Johannes, while I can reread it on mine, Aldus. (Yes, we named our e-readers after pioneers of moveable-type printing, Gutenberg and Manutius. What of it?)

I don't have a Kindle, I have a Kindle app on my smartphone, and for some reason it won't download to that. I've had this problem before with things I wasn't getting from Amazon. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3. Any suggestions?

Never mind. I opened up my Kindle app this morning and there it was. I guess it just took a while to register.

The one Nook sale will be mine. :-)

I bought it even though I'm a Patreon person because you are full of teh awesome (and because I like being able to get it through my Kindle account but mostly because of the previous reason).

I somehow missed the end of the story when you posted it on here so eagerly snapped up and read, and greatly enjoyed. Thankyou!

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