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I went to a protest at RDU today.

It was fine. Just...strange. We waved signs. We chanted. We admired each other's signs. We massively exceeded the numbers they expected to show up and the protest was eventually dispersed.

"There's one planned for April 15th," people told me. And I thought "It's not even February. It's been a WEEK. April is a thousand years away. I don't believe this can last until April 15th. I don't know if I believe it'll last until March."

We live in very, very strange times, and they are happening faster than I ever thought possible.

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The Governor of Washington State just gave a public speech slamming Trump and the administration for the immigrant sanctions. Something about saying the current federal government '... couldn't run a two car funeral...'.

With the key resignations at State, that might be literally accurate.

It's a way to show you don't agree with the way things are going right now. I doubt your President will see it for what it is (yet?), but I think it's important to keep speaking out, to make it visible to the rest of the world.
We've got elections in March. I fear for the results....

I believe the momentum is important; things change when the ball is beyond stopping.

(and honestly? If you're making your own signs, you've GOT to have the Chicken on it! :) )

Given there are calls for his impeachment already, on at least three different [valid] points... yeah I don't see it lasting.

Which is really no reason to give up though. After if everyone fails to plan ahead because we think it's going to be all over in a matter of weeks... it won't be.

The difficulty is that it will require some 14 House Republicans and 19 Senate Republicans to vote against the party's President.

That said, it's going to be a rough four years, no matter whether we're dealing with President Trump, President Pence, President Ryan, or President flavor-of-the-week.

I suspect Pence is probably Trumps best insurance... you might just manage to get enough Republicans in both houses to get behind an impeachment movement, especially if it can be proved he was receiving funds from Putin [a lot of them have mind-sets left-over from the Cold war era.] ... but none of those could swallow Pence being POTUS not the VP.

It's government. It's gonna take a while.

There's also a rally "No Walls in the USA" rally on Saturday in Raleigh, and then next Saturday there's the HKonJ/Moral March on Raleigh. If things keep up at this pace, it's starting to look like there will be some kind of march or protest or rally every weekend between now and... the foreseeable future?

The more protests there are, the more constructive places I have to put my growing rage. >.>

Lots of us over here in the U.K. are cheering you on.
There's a petition on the UK government website asking that Donald Trump not be invited over here on a State Visit. It had 100,000 signatures when I came across it yesterday morning - it's now up to over 1,500,000 and still going strong.
(Only open to U.K. Residents and British citizens, unfortunately).
We have your back.

as long as the people last longer than the Cheeto... thats what matters.

as long as the people last longer than the Cheeto... thats what matters.

Yay, you!

I saw a tweet that said there were protests at three NC airports. Do you know which ones?

[We need a picture of you in your new hat.]

Yay joining protests! I was at one in Boston, same day. Need to get this turkey outta there. Maybe chickens can help!

I am wondering if the public is being hit so hard and fast w. so many major things as to weaken the protests bc how do you choose what to support over something else as there is not enough time/energy to do it all...

In my UGLY red state, the Women's March was over 5,000 when the organizers had hoped for a few hundred. The march was mid-state (Birmingham) and I could not attend but I was lifted to know there were that many ppl willing to go public! It is not popular to be against Trump, geez. And yes, there are ppl here who wanted Obamacare repealed immediately and then discovered their ACA IS Obamacare... plus the coming attacks on Medicare, Social Security, other gov't programs... Sadly we've long been a state that has consistently voted against its own best interests but never has it been so personal to so many who voted to cut their own throats. I'm too ill to move from this house much less out of state, and that is even if I had the money to do so (which I don't). Some of the family were not caring that I will lose medical coverage, which will be a slow death sentence w.out proper health care, but now that they're going to lose the tax deduction for their mortgages, etc, they're not happy - still silent on a lot of things bc they won't admit they were wrong. The anti-Obama and anti-Clinton hate blinded them to everything said and done by GOP and Trump - they have been happy it's not Clinton but not so happy now.

What's the point with all the protests? While you people are waving your bits of cardboard around, millions of voters are silently getting on with life smiling and feeling good because they have a President who they voted for doing what he said he would do.

Instead of wasting your time protesting, why don't you do something more constructive and positive like helping feed the homeless, or help rejuvenate run down communities, or volunteer for some local good causes. I think that would be more rewarding than standing around waving placards. Just saying. :)

Well, let's see. I donate 10% of the royalties on one of my books to Bat Conservation, support my local food pantry, just did a fundraiser that raised $800 for the International Rescue Committee, and take a 50% cut on royalties for all of my books that go to book fairs for school children. Last year, I divided out dozens of plants in my garden for a native pollinator garden run by school children, which of course I donated for free.

In November, another art fund raiser put together $1000 for Planned Parenthood and $220 for the ACLU. (Which is, frankly, on my readers, not on me, and I am honored to have them supporting such causes.)

Also, my day job is writing and illustrating children's books for reluctant readers, which are available in multiple languages. I donate the author copies of the foreign language editions to libraries and ESL programs.

...Just sayin'.

(GAH I hate saying stuff like that out loud. Everybody else, look away. I am a believer that charity is private and shouldn't be, y'know, used to score points unless somebody's REALLY asking for it. My lapsed Catholic guilt is twinging.)

It's okay to say it out loud. This guy seems to think that we are put on this earth to agree with whoever is in power, and we simply don't. And it's not because of his grammar and vocabulary, though those are lacking. And it's not because of his lack of pleasing personality, or his inability to not insult pretty much everyone around him. It's because what he's doing is Objectively Wrong.

As an aside, I just want to tell you guys that seeing you at Arisia was the thing that my husband and I needed, because we've been dealing with Serious Illness and Family Division at the same time as This Election, and oh my god did I need to laugh.

So thank you for being you, and helping me be me.

If it helps any, I read that and went "...daaaaaamn, I need to step up my game."

So maybe see it as providing inspiration not bragging?

The garden bit is ultra-cool! *hi-5s*
They market the books as for "reluctant readers"? ...good grief, I think they're just awesome as they are, and also a good stepping stone to novels-without-pictures. (I used comic books for that, as a wee kid.)

You awesome.


I recently had someone tell me that instead of posting about conservation on the internets, that I should " stop whining and try doing something constructive instead".


Because, and this is important, when you "just smile and get on with life" you are essentially saying "I approve of what you are doing, so please do more."

We do not agree with the actions of this Administration
We do not agree that legal residents who are already vetted should be detained a the border because of where they were born
We do not agree that basic health care is for people who can afford it
We do not agree with firing government officials for "betraying the administration" because they said no.
We do not agree that the truth is in the teller, and that "alternate facts" exist

Protests can right wrongs and topple regimes. Protests can change the world. Do not tell my wife she should spend her time "on something more constructive." We do constructive. We support the community. And we will not stand idly by any longer.

Jay Kristoff wrote that “An avalanche starts with one pebble. A forest with one seed. And it takes one word to make the whole world stop and listen. All you need is the right one.”

I've been trying to be active. I've been trying to do self-care and take breaks. I don't think I can take enough breaks to recover, both from what's happening now, how it got here, and where it's going.

I feel for you, I hope things get better soon, one way or another. We have elections coming up and there is a real chance we'll end up with a Trump-alike, so I'm really hoping people will see America and think again. It's one of the few silver linings I could potentially see coming of this.

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