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I went to a protest at RDU today.

It was fine. Just...strange. We waved signs. We chanted. We admired each other's signs. We massively exceeded the numbers they expected to show up and the protest was eventually dispersed.

"There's one planned for April 15th," people told me. And I thought "It's not even February. It's been a WEEK. April is a thousand years away. I don't believe this can last until April 15th. I don't know if I believe it'll last until March."

We live in very, very strange times, and they are happening faster than I ever thought possible.

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I feel for you, I hope things get better soon, one way or another. We have elections coming up and there is a real chance we'll end up with a Trump-alike, so I'm really hoping people will see America and think again. It's one of the few silver linings I could potentially see coming of this.

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