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(no subject)

Built a proof-of-concept today. I don’t even know what this is–a mini-chinampas-inspired tub concept? Or is this something everybody already knows about and I just can’t get the right search terms to spit it out? Or has everybody tried this already and failed and now we all know better except me?

Well, I had pond liner and a whiskey barrel planter and Azolla caroliniana and I’ve been making grow bags, so let’s see what happens.

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Came here to say I love this concept, and had a few suggestions. I'm so excited to see almost all of those suggestions have already been brought up in other comments! What a fantastic group of people!

In any case: a couple people recommended using different media in the bottom as opposed to plastic bottles. I personally think you could go with all of them- adding various sizes of particles is great for encouraging gas exchange, which is necessary for root growth. I also really like the idea of adding fish as long as the species can gulp air from the surface, and adding snails (as long as they can't really escape) for algae control.

for the plant you might consider a dicot, because they tend to have a long tap root which would reach the bottom of the grow back. I'm not sure how big the whole situation is, but that's my reasoning.

I hope to see pictures! Good luck!

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