UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Real Estate, Part 2

They accepted the offer on Dogskull Patch. (Twitter named it.) I've been crawling the walls for a couple days wondering if they would hate me for haggling. They came down a lot on the price, and it's had septic and well permits done and oh my god why would anyone let me own a property Kevin has to fill my pill cases for the week I wear shirts backwards on accident sometimes I'm not qualified to own an actual place and who can sell a place anyway this place has trees that are older than me and rocks that are older than my species and how can you own a place but maybe it'll be okay if I promise the place that I'm just gonna keep other people from messing with it and also I can, like, dig fifty frog ponds and put up a geodesic dome and no one can stop me.*

I babbled all this out to my mother, who has had more experience than anyone else in deciphering my panicked babbling. She immediately began looking up geodesic domes and telling me about how she'd planned to move to Alaska and build one before I was born. This tells you that A) my mother is an enabler and B) apparently I come by the geodesic dome thing honestly.

It was different when I bought a house with my ex. I wasn't even on the loan paperwork as a real contributor. I was a freelancer and my income was too crappy, they thought I'd bring it down. And he wouldn't let me change hardly anything and thought about the resale value a lot. This feels like the sort of deranged freedom where you look up and think "I could just get in the car and drive and no one would miss me for days."

Tomorrow I go talk to the realtor and she tells me what to say to an attorney who can hold money (I think this is important?) and we enter the due diligence period and we get another survey done and apparently I have to go buy POSTED signs so that people don't hunt on the property in deer season, although for all I know, *I* will hunt on the property in deer season.

I was terrified they wouldn't sell it to me and now I'm terrified that they have because I am not a grown-up. But apparently they are willing to. And no one is stopping me.


*These do not counter one another, as I assume nearly any place would be thrilled to have both frogs and a geodesic dome.

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