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Not dead!

It appears the last cross post didn't crosspost. Doh!

Well, nothing of interest is happening except that I am pacing the floor waiting for someone to tell me Dogskull Patch will never be mine. And I have six more weeks of this! Arrghhbleghhhh....!

Wintersowing technique worked great for everything but peppers and tomatoes. Those died in our recent cold snap. Fortunately I have back ups!

Dogs continue to dog. Cats continue to cat. Kevin continues to Kevin. I continue to me. That's all.

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So right around the time you get your land, it will be ready to be tilled, et all? Cool!

So right around the time you get your land, it will be ready to be tilled, et all? Cool!

May all go well!
Owning land is a very cool thing.

yay not dead~! i sarted to wonder, my podcastplayer hasnt seen a new KUEC since mid feb :(

It's good that you each continue to be your respective yous, as you starting to cat or your dog beginning to Kevin would be awkward to say the least. The bathroom difficulties alone.....!

Edited at 2017-03-18 03:50 pm (UTC)

Sergei already uses the toilet, sooo

Heh; always a shocker when you find out they do that. I had a cat named Maug The Dog who taught himself to use the toilet. His litterbox was in the bathroom, so I guess he figured it was okay to use the Two-leggers' litterbox too..... I kept accusing my husband of not flushing due to the obvious evidence; and then one day I was home alone with the pets and I heard this very unmistakable sound coming from the bathroom, and there was Maug, perched on the rim, peeing (he looked at me like "What, Hooman? A LITTLE PRIVACY, PLEASE?") and I had to sit down on the floor of my hallway due to laughing too hard to stand.

Congratulations! If it helps, escrow-nerves are totally normal!

We fans continue to fan.

So, basically, everyone is being awesome. And I just saw there is a new KUEC, squeeeee! Love listening to you guys SO much.

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