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Productive Day!

Today we did a burn on the weeds in the garden, I weeded a bunch more by hand, planted some stuff I'd been meaning to get in the ground, dug up some ground covers and transplanted them to ground that needs covering. Then I made more pendants for Texas Furry Fiesta next weekend, prepped some bags-and-boards for prints, wrote a Hidden Almanac, and did a podcast interview with New Moon Girls in Minnesota.

It was very productive. I am trying to be glad of that and not to feel guilty when tomorrow and yesterday prove not to be nearly as productive. Still, I'm going out birding in Texas last week of March, and I'll probably have some evenings free to get some writing done, finish the latest kid's book worth of edits, maybe work on a novella that's been lurking for nearly a year, or even doodle on my iPad. I am feeling that itchy art brain of "MUST DO ART!" but it's slamming into the wall of having to finish the latest hamster book's worth of illustrations. Still, only a few more weeks of hamsters, and then I can draw any weird thing I want!

Really looking forward to that bit. I am very proud of the Hamster books, but they're a serious mental investment. It's worth it, and I'll do as many as they buy, but I want to draw other things for a bit and remember who I am when I'm not a respectable children's book author...

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You're going to be at Furry Fiesta? Damn, I'd come up for that just to see you, but we're going to be at MidSouthCon in Memphis that weekend. Have fun!

How big an area did you burn? and what was the primary weed?

asking for a friend. >,>

Mostly just the path! We get chickweed & ryegrass in between the stones. Some henbit too.

Gardening is Arting in a different medium to my way of thinking. You're editing in soil and stone there, woman! :)

Last night I cuddled up on my son's bed with him and we discussed the various Ursula-frogs that decorate his walls and he told me the stories he'd made up about them. (Kuchina frog, Ninja frogs & two of the Amazon frog prints). I'm glad the art-itch still bites you!

Glad you want to art. I love your weird things and unique ideas. I also love taking inspiration from your art to make encounter monsters when I'm the one GM'ing. I ran a scenario involving the weird fruit series, and pulled up the appropriate thumbnails when the group met the monsters. Reactions from different people have ranged from laughter,"That's kinda cute," "OMG," "What is it?" and "Dammit, we told you you were forbidden to go on deviantart anymore!"

Thank you so much for your art and your kids' books. Your work has been a constant in my life for the last 10 years.

My poly partners and I bonded over the art that we discovered we shared when we first met. Digger delighted and soothed me as I learned to be myself again after the kids were born.

Dragonbreath helped make my son a reader. And my preschool daughter is going to sleep right now listening to Hamster Princess (dog bless audiobooks).

Go refresh yourself. You deserve it.

The shiny new YMCA in Ann Arbor, where I used to live, put in a small prairie area at the side of the property, and did the occasional burn, with a YES WE KNOW THE LAWN IS ON FIRE sign posted by the entrance.

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