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Birding the Rio Grande!

Can't do good sketchbook pages from the road, so here's my crappy travel version...

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Do Chachalaca's make a sound like their name?

(Deleted comment)
I suspect we're more likely to meet one in Summer in Orcus II, but hey, y'never know...

If you are really lucky, it was an ocelot print.
Chachalaca is such a great name for a bird!

It's a great name, but does rather conjure up a ballroom image and lots of birds dancing in swanky attire.

I love everything about this post.

We get antlions all over. I never saw any adults until a few years ago (probably because I wasn't aware they were the larval stage of something!). What a nifty little creature.

These are great - I'll take anything you do, but these are great. I'm especially fond of the "I'm not really a poop-master" couple. Little big for a button, but I'd wear it. :)

Are you out here in SoCal again?

EDIT: No, you said "Birding the Rio Grande," didn't you.

Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge is a 2,088-acre National Wildlife Refuge situated along the banks of the Rio Grande, south of Alamo in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, in Hidalgo County, South Texas.

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(Deleted comment)
I observe that the "crappy" version features
an incredible sketch of some bird most of us had never heard of, and
awesome cartoon of the Sofawolf guys.

Yes. Crappy. Uh huh.

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