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Birding the Rio Grande!

Can't do good sketchbook pages from the road, so here's my crappy travel version...

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Do Chachalaca's make a sound like their name?

(Deleted comment)
I suspect we're more likely to meet one in Summer in Orcus II, but hey, y'never know...

If you are really lucky, it was an ocelot print.
Chachalaca is such a great name for a bird!

It's a great name, but does rather conjure up a ballroom image and lots of birds dancing in swanky attire.

I love everything about this post.

We get antlions all over. I never saw any adults until a few years ago (probably because I wasn't aware they were the larval stage of something!). What a nifty little creature.

These are great - I'll take anything you do, but these are great. I'm especially fond of the "I'm not really a poop-master" couple. Little big for a button, but I'd wear it. :)

Are you out here in SoCal again?

EDIT: No, you said "Birding the Rio Grande," didn't you.

Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge is a 2,088-acre National Wildlife Refuge situated along the banks of the Rio Grande, south of Alamo in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, in Hidalgo County, South Texas.

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(Deleted comment)
I observe that the "crappy" version features
an incredible sketch of some bird most of us had never heard of, and
awesome cartoon of the Sofawolf guys.

Yes. Crappy. Uh huh.

I'll forget on the actual day, but Happy Birthday early!

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