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Travel Sketches Day Two!

Two lifers today--Stilt Sandpiper and Eastern Screech Owl!

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Did you, uh, mean to post this at such high resolution? It made my phone weep a little! ;-D Regardless, I love seeing the wildlife sketches! Will you redo these in your usual page format later? I'm desperately fond of those, they give me a lovely feeling of living vicariously through you! God, I hope that doesn't come across as creepy...

Doh! Sorry--posting from iPad and it doesn't let me do the resizing from mobile. Will fix!

Did you yip and howl back at the Coyotes? They're really interactive in that respect. It's one of the things I love about them.

Our blackbirds are black with orange beaks - yours.......are tricolour?

These are the redwing blackbirds, the one Bujold named Dag after. I learned them after reading the Sharing Knife books. Their song sounds like "tweedle-DEE", "look at ME!"

Lower Right-hand Corner

It's an H. R. Giger embryo/swan-boat, one seat! A little tippy, not for use in rough seas. Yar.

I like your Henry Moor chicken!

Seriously, lovely sketches of the birds. Your blackbirds look like our old British blackbirds have joined some sort of avian military and are sporting shoulder flashes like sergeant’s stripes.

lovely sketches . . . but I take it art Chicken stayed home?

Oh - I get it now - the Garden Hen is in unfancy dress as the Mud Hen. :)

The Toledo minor league baseball team?


I'm not an entomologist nor even a biologist, but I'd start looking in the Antheraea for the moth, based on the eye-spots and (apparent) respectably impressive size. Contrariwise, most of those seem to have four eye spots rather than six.

Oh! Now I know what those unusual-looking birds I thought were ducks actually are! Coots! Neat! :)

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, swims like a duck, but doesn't quack like a duck, then it isn't a duck. ;-)

Hey, did you know about this? http://danlev.deviantart.com/journal/Uniting-A-Fandom-of-Pears-668576964

I figure you must, but I thought I'd let you know just in case you didn't.

This is unrelated but the biting pear thing on Deviant Art is kinda fun. :-)

Totally off-topic, but this person came by our table at MidSouthCon and it made me think of you. I could see a story being written around this mask.

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