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One Book Two Book, Long Book New Book

So I have been working on this doorstop of a novel for...well, I started it in 2006. It gets abandoned, rediscovered, re-poked, re-jiggered every so often. In the last couple years, it's finally turning into a coherent readable mass of words and now I'm just cruising through trying to finish the damn thing. (For those following along at home, it's the one with the possessed paladin and the ninja accountant.)

The problem was that it was 130K and I still had a good chunk left to go.

Now, I write fairly short books, as you guys know. 65K is about my perfect length. This thing was monstrous. I plan to self-pub the ebook but the idea of a print version was...well, you guys remember how I threw my back out lugging copies of Digger?

My buddy Mur, queen of podcasting, listened to my woes at coffee and said "Make it two books."

I gaped at her. "I can DO that?"

"Do we have to have the economics talk? Have you on Ditch Diggers (that's her podcast, go listen to it) so we can yell at you?" 

This blew my mind.

It also solved a lot of problems for an author who prefers to keep their ebooks cheap and their books not requiring death cement to keep the bindings together. 

So! Clockwork Boys, Book One of the Clocktaur War, has been sent to my editor and will be out hopefully this year. (Patrons, you get the ebook for free, of course!)

None of this is the point. The point is that, having split it into two books, suddenly I am working on Book Two (tentatively titled The Wonder Engine) and I am having to do all the stuff that you do at the beginning of a second book, where you re-describe all the characters and do very brief info dumps about how your heroine got that tattoo and why she's still pissed at the paladin after rescuing his armored ass from a bunch of murderous deer people. And re-foreshadow stuff and re-establish that your thief sneezes constantly and the assassin smokes cigarettes and the paladin takes hot baths at every opportunity and all the stuff that you do when you're writing a second book. 

Which honestly, is sort of useful for the writer as well as the reader, gives me a chance to re-center myself in the story, but it adds even more words.

The second book is already longer than the first one, and there's still so much more to get through. How do epic fantasy people DO this!?

Anyway. Clockwork Boys, hopefully this year, Wonder Engine hopefully early next year. My brain hurts.

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They make a third book?

Will buy this as soon as it's out, of course. Support your local earthling author today!

I was also going to suggest a trilogy. Hey, it worked for Douglas Adams - His Hitchhiker trilogy is five books long.

I'm sure the deer people had a good reason?

Wee Killer Beasties

Oooh! Murderous deer people? Yonks ago, I was regaled with a tale of a killer roe deer by someone on the Deermail listserv. They figure a roe buck tripped some guy and stabbed him to death in the torso. Could be true. Roe deer are _small_, medium dog size small, but European. I think we're spoiled in North America with generally sweet tempered critters.

How do epic fantasy people DO this!?

The phrase you're looking for is "commit trilogy".

*does a happy dance*

Looking forward to it.

Epic fantasy writers think nothing of having 12 books. :)

It's obvious: make it a trilogy! :)

Honestly, I'd be fine without re-introductions/re-descriptions and infodumps. If I own the first book, I can simply go back and re-read it before starting the second one.

can you do something?

I love your book. No! I don't know the name of it. Can you do me a favour pretty please? I am hoping you remember me. I really loved your book. Believe me, I know I'm asking the impossible. I'm REALLY sorry about that. But could you email it to me again? Nytekat@gmail.com

Well I mean.... 3 is a magic number isn't it?

Looking forward to reading this, however many books it ends up being.

I think someone once said the natural unit of fantasy fiction is the trilogy...

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