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Clockwork Boys pre-order!

Clockwork Boys is available for pre-order!

We got ebook AND hardcover!



For those following along at home, this is the Thing With The Paladin And The Ninja Accountant. And it is Book One! It is not a standalone! Book Two will be out, hopefully February-ish! (It is, however, a duology, not a trilogy or whatever.)

Hardcover is currently on Amazon, but will hopefully be available elsewhere for those avoiding the River.

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I have pre-ordered. Will it be a suitable chaser for Seanan's mermaid book?

Aww, what a great endorsement that is! "I cried so hard my service dog started bringing me his toys to cheer me up. --Andrea Chandler" I love it!

Oooowwwww.....want to buy the hardcover but the Kindle version is only five dollars. But ....but....hardcover!!!

(Support your earthling author today!)

I am woefully out of the loop. what is clockwork boys?

also if you ever need a fan-girl? look me up :

if you ever nee

if you ever need a fan girl? look me up.........

Kindle pre-order is in! I may go for the hardcover as well later; we'll have to see what kind of shambles Christmas and car maintenance make of my budget.

I meant to pre-order! But I was too late, and had to just buy the book! :) Yay!

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