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Did I not mention that Clockwork Boys is alive? It's totally alive.

We got ebook! We got hardcover!



Sequel, THE WONDER ENGINE, is hopefully out in February and I just handed it in to my long-suffering editor this afternoon!

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Buy it! Read it! Squee loudly! Read it again! Squee again more loudly!

I REALLY need to look that up. IZ LOVE your writing, Ursula....

I hold you entirely responsible for the hour of sleep I lost last night.
I was only going to read the first chapter.
Really, I was.

You've done it again.

I blame you!

Yes, you!

For completely elfing up my saturday!

I was just going to read a little bit, to see what it was like, before going out into the garage to pull the gearbox from the car(messed up clutch. Ouch!) but before I knew it, it's 11pm and my tea is cold!

Yeah, I'm particularly annoyed at you for the cold tea.

The book, though...
That one I'm not annoyed about...

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