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Did I not mention that Clockwork Boys is alive? It's totally alive.

We got ebook! We got hardcover!



Sequel, THE WONDER ENGINE, is hopefully out in February and I just handed it in to my long-suffering editor this afternoon!

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Buy it! Read it! Squee loudly! Read it again! Squee again more loudly!

I love the word squee!

I REALLY need to look that up. IZ LOVE your writing, Ursula....

I hold you entirely responsible for the hour of sleep I lost last night.
I was only going to read the first chapter.
Really, I was.

You've done it again.

I blame you!

Yes, you!

For completely elfing up my saturday!

I was just going to read a little bit, to see what it was like, before going out into the garage to pull the gearbox from the car(messed up clutch. Ouch!) but before I knew it, it's 11pm and my tea is cold!

Yeah, I'm particularly annoyed at you for the cold tea.

The book, though...
That one I'm not annoyed about...

Ursula? You are my hero!

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