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(no subject)

New novel, coming November 27th! Woohoo! It's called SWORDHEART. It's an epic fantasy romancey thing with an enchanted sword. Yes, as one of the love interests. No, he manifests physically sometimes. Let's not get carried away.

You can pre-order SWORDHEART for Kindle! Or…





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I am excited! But the Argyll checkout doesn't work for me. :( I'll try again later.

Oh goody!
Do you need to read Clockwork Boys first? Or is this a stand alone but set in the same universe?

You don't need to read those first :)

thrilled and ordered

I'll be looking forward to it!

YAY!!!! SQUEEEE!!!! Pre-ordered!

Wooo! it came in the mail today instead of yesterday but I already read the ebook so I'm being nice and letting the husband read the hardcover first before me. I look forward to the next one! :D :D :D :D

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