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Slice of Life

Another late night conversation...

James: "You know, the millipedes don't even bother me anymore."

Me: "They bother me."

James: "It's not like they even bite."

Me: "They can spray cyanide."*

James: "So?"

Me: "So? So? I don't see YOU spraying cyanide!"

James: "....well...no..."

Me: "All right, then."

*This is true.

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They can spray cyanide? Being someone who had not known that before, this will probably make me shriek at the sight of anything long and even slightly millipede shaped. Whereas before I only inched away slowly.

T'are you sure it's millipedes, not centipedes? I always thought millipedes were just harmless little herbivores...centipedes are carnivorous, which would make sense that they sprayed cyanide.

Now watch me screech like an angered giraffe every time I see something long, rounded, and vaguely millipede shaped (yes, this includes spoons).

*shudder* millipedes...cyanide...hoo boy... *wanders off, shaking her head*

after typing in "millipedes cyanide" into Google, it turns out to be true... RUN!

It's for defense, not offense.

I remember seeing it on..erm, that top ten Animal Planet show ^^;;

Yeah. Centipedes have injected poison, not an aerosol.

You know, one way I deal with fear of certain bugs is to draw them a bunch. I still can't bring myself to draw or paint spiders or centipedes, but it worked with dragonflies and worms.

Oh, only the tropical freak millipedes. For most, their defensive chemicals only mean you shouldn't stuff them in your mouth and ought to wash your hands when you handle them. It's just a slow moving, lettuce munching tube with feet. You don't get terrified of amphibians just because toads commonly secrete poison through their skin, or of lizards because the Gila monster has a venomous bite, the horned toad squirts eye blood, and the komodo dragon is all germy.

(Deleted comment)
I've never had one squirt blood at me. @.o You must really have to abuse them, or something.

The section of the life another one to l'inv at night...
James: " ; They knew, don' ; T even bothers in ahead my " ; Thousand of plenary sessions insects;
I: " ; Worried " to me; ;
James: " ; It' S n'est not like balance the mordedura. " ;
I: " ; They pulverize probably the cyanide. " ; James: " ; Thus? " ; I: " ; Thus? Thus? I don' ; T sees the cyanide that pulverizes! " ;
James: " ; ... well... n'a not... " ; I: " ; Well, soon. "

Sorry, i forgot to say, i played around with this text in babel fish


Toootally unrelated, but there are a bunch of people yapping about you and ei-en at GFXArtist - http://www.gfxartist.com/community/forum/54504 You might want to have a look, if you haven't seen it already.

Good lord, you turn your back for five minutes...

I hadn't seen it, thank you.

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