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(no subject)

Posted an article over at the Gamethink blog about the process of doing art for RPGs. If you're interested in a Cliff Notes version of the process, (and if you like games and gaming, it's an interesting blog on the more intellectual side 'o gaming) check it out!


And while I'm at it, on the off chance anybody's been interested but wanted to read some of the beginning before, y'know, subscribing or something, there are finally free samples of the first dozen or so pages of "Digger" up at Graphic Smash. (Man, the art's evolved since then...) If you were a reader before we moved, it's nothing you haven't seen before.
Free Samples

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So... when are you making a book out of this?

I hope if it happens one can buy it without having a credit card. It was darn frustrating to find out that I could not sign up to Graphic Smash to read the backlog of Digger, because I "only" have Paypal, but no credit card :/
(btw, I like Digger a lot ^_^)

My favorite reason so far has been “You seem willing to draw un-politically correct things, and I’m having a hard time finding people who will do scantily clad women in fur boots.” I cannot express the joy that reason gave me.

[Alopex] How can anyone not envy your job?

I was gonna mention that too, best laugh I've had this week. If I'd heard that I think I'd be proud too

Just curious, Ursula, but did you ever do more work with this guy? And did it involve scantily clad women in fur boots?

- Big Dave

*grin* I did twelve interior illos for him, and it involved a lot of scantily clad women...details when it hits the shelves!

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