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And the swamp closes back over Ursula's head...

I thought I was free. I had cleaned up my schedule to a few covers, mostly with long deadlines, and a coupla commissions. I had finished my Fans run. I was looking forward to a leisurely month of painting, the vacation to PA I'm taking this weekend, and finishing my walrus.

And then the e-mail came that said "Hey, can we get five interior illos in three weeks?"

And all that was heard of Ursula was a faint, sad, glooping noise, as mud and algae rushed into her lungs and she vanished into the dark waters of work.

Disclaimer: NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING, MIND YOU. I'm glad to have work. Delighted! I'm glad they liked my past work enough to request more! As a freelancer, I know that work must be treasured and cherished and clutched to one's heaving bosom and so forth.

But damnit, I'm never gonna finish my walrus at this rate...

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Oh, well, it's just as well I don't have any extraneous money lying around to order a commission with right now anyway. :)

*passes you a hollow reed to breathe through while in the swamp*

But damnit, I'm never gonna finish my walrus at this rate...

You familiar with the Shel Silverstein piece on the girl who was determined to eat an entire whale?

Just sayin'. =)

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