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(no subject)

Is it wrong of me that I find the notion of hibernating lemurs fascinating?


Go dwarf fat-tailed lemur! Doze! Doze like the wind!

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I have some friends who have been to Madagascar to look at lemurs. In fact, they've been twice.

feel free to hate them.

You could go all the way to Madagascar...

It's worthy of note that one of the premiere lemur research facilities in the U.S. is right around the corner from Ursula (and I know certain people on Ursula's friends list have access there, or did at one time :-)

P.S. - Frink.

I realize this is very silly, but I just found out that the hoary marmots at Banff National Park in Canada hang out at the famous hot springs there, and cadge cheetos from tourists.

And all I could picture was marmots in 19th-century bathing costume, in your art style.

You've corrupted me irrevocably.

And here I was thinking I was the only hibernating 'primate'... *Le-sigh* Maybe I can call them Lemurs and ask them all to come on a slumber party with me

"... the lemur's tail swells massively with stored fat reserves."

And now I've got a Sir Mix-A-Lot song stuck in my head, for some odd reason.

Here is where I get to be a prick

The term 'hibernating' is misused. True hibernation does not take place for bears, squirrels, or lemurs: they have a deep sleep. True hibernation involves much more profound physical changes than that.

Re: Here is where I get to be a prick

Hey, somebody's gotta keep track of these things, right? I suppose it's torpor, like hummingbirds at night, rather than true hibernation. But hey, I can't do it.

Man, I went to the zoo and saw Lemurs and they seemed like the most frantic and paranois creatures on earth! Every rustle of the leaves and shift of sunlight sent them hopping a hooting and scurrying aft and fro. I can't imagine such a spastic and chronicly nervous jittery creature being calm enough to hibernate. The fact that a creature like that can do it when I struggle to get my 8 hours every night is SO unfair.

...by the way, new person lurking your journal (gasp!) I'd say I love your art, but everyone else has--so I don't not like your art.

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